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    Thoughts on Vandersteen speakers?

    Yup, it's all about synergy. Room would be the first on the list. I have been running various 2Cx iterations for decades, and those definitely beat any monitor speakers. I listen to Classical and a lot of chants. Had various set-ups: bi-amping and what not, but simple used Yamaha and Marantz...
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    Wanting new sockets.

    America will be defeated from inside. By the cheapskates. Your grandchildren will cover the difference, and the only currency valid at that time will be blood. "It's a matter of simple Economics, pal"...
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    Project Farm - Tests Combination Wrenches

    Wright and Gedore are the most comfortable in my hands, Carl Walter is amazingly strong for thin-walled ones. SO is the most uncomfortable, gave it to my mechanic - i had a few. U-joints and extenders by SO are keepers. I am not a pro.
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    Great oil funnel - Oemtools

    I am with you. Being a snob, I favour RedLine oil bottles. Quite versatile.
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    Would better batteries give more light for small LED flashlight?

    Sorry, I am not up to date. What's wrong with the single mode MAGs?
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    Anyone use Proton email service from the USA?

    On a positive side G has dedicated security team, but they are snooping of course. With Proton, read the fine print (I am not up to date), they used to have slightly different policies for .com and .ch domains. On top of the fact that they were hacked a few years ago and had to pay ransom. And...
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    Looking at Laptops

    Carbons are also good with BSD systems. Right now a used Latitude 7490 with a quad i7 and 32GB RAM would ask very little money. They are getting off leases at the moment. Even Dellrefurbished offers 60% off on those.
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    Cell Phone Batteries ??

    Galaxy S4 was the last great one with a replaceable battery. S to S4 make a great music player for a very modest budget.
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    Old MacBook Pro just died on me

    As a matter of fact, Google sec team is very good; privacy and security are frequently conflated... Some moderate myth busting for a good night read: .
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    Old MacBook Pro just died on me

    I used to be infatuated with Apple hardware a few decades ago. It was truly different in design and execution. It is still the most polished UNIX desktop. Typing this off 2006 Thinkpad T60, running Solaris. Kids nowadays...
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    WiFi Router

    How long does the "Lifetime" last on that ASUS router? I recall the lifetime fiasco on Garmin GPS devices.
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    Need a new desktop

    The OP mentioned taxes. That rules out alternatives to Windows. I would also stop considering i3-anything but kiosks with limited tasks, too many software nuances nowadays. And adjust your expectations to the inflation.
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    Purchase Brake Fluid in Gallons?

    Landcruiser needs a gallon for sure
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    Home Theater Receiver Power Ratings

    I^2 * R in the last one
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    Reverting to Older Version of Firefox

    Firefox ESR? or firefox-esr on Linux
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    Yet Another Massive Cybersecurity Threat .
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    Oil for a car that sees Uber use?

    Have you driven for for Uber Black yourself? How many days does it take to get a call in your area? Uber is for the cheapest common denominator of the demographics, not your towncar business.
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    Battery Charger Frustration

    How many Ctek chargers did you say you personally had failing in 2 years?
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    Zerex asian or Peak Asian no good?

    Didn't observe this in two 2UZ engines I have. I don't know if that helps any, but I drain radiators once a year even though they are designed to run longer miles per full fill. And the whole thing with the timing belt job, of course. One is Red and one is Pink; I use 2 different FPIGs though.
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    Microsoft Office

    Libre all the way. I am still dependent on one MS module to integrate a data stream from CQG though. But otherwise, Libre Office makes me money: all my invoicing that was done in MS Office is fully compatible with the old Excel and Word templates I used in past. If you have access to academic...