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    Classless Alabama Inbreds

    Do these redneck idiots always have to throw beer cans on the track when Gordon beats their boy Jr?
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    Any experience with Cooper Discoverer M&S?

    I know they are snow rated and have the little snowflake on the mountain symbol but I was curious as to how good they work in light to moderate snow? I'm thinking about buying a set of those or something close next November.
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    First load of Castrol Syntec 10w-30

    I normally run Pennzoil Platinum but I decided to do some experimenting. I know it's a Group III oil but I'm looking for some feedback on the Syntec.
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    Green Diamond winter tires

    Looking for some feedback on these tires from anyone who has ever used them.
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    Mobil 1 15w-50 $6.50/quart at Wal Mart

    I can't believe how much they are charging per quart of Mobil 1 these days.I'll stay with Pennzoil Platinum at $3.98 per quart.
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    I need some good snow tires

    I have a Dodge Dakota 4.7 and I have Toyo Open Country ATs. They don't seem to work that good in the snow and I was wondering if anyone has any good tire recommendations. I want something that will dig in the snow but won't wear out in 10,000 miles Thanks in advance.
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    It's 0* out and I know a guy who runs 20w-50

    in his Chevy pickup year round. I wonder if the thing will even turn over?
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    Has anyone ever used only one brand of oil

    in a car from brand-new until you junked the car or sold it with over 100,000 miles on it?
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    Hypothetical Silly Question

    I've heard of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder where they are always checking things or constanly washing their hands. I wonder if there has ever been a documented case of someone feeling that their oil needed changed after every time they ran their car because they felt the oil was now...
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    1996 Chevy 3.1 V6 with anti-freeze in the oil

    Is this a common problem and will the coolant tabs work. I'm thinking it's a cracked head or bad head gasket. Any suggestions?
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    Just dumped Mobil 1 for Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30

    I got tired of EM being evasive about their product information and besides I've never fully forgiven them for the way they handled that massive spill in Alaska years ago.
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    Royal Purple composition

    Quote from RP's site. Royal Purple motor oils are composed of a proprietary formulation of synthetic basestocks and synthetic additives containing iso-paraffinic diluents.
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    For now, I'm giving Mobil 1 the benefit

    of the doubt. I'm skeptical but until someone comes out with bona-fide proof that they have changed I may still use their oil and filters.
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    Reply from Mobil 1 concerning basestocks

    Mobil 1 motor oils are 100% synthetic, utilizing the PAO basestock and proprietary blend of additives that is tailored specifically for each viscosity. Mobil does not discuss specifics about our motor oil formulations.
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    Why is Quaker State all of the sudden cheaper

    than Havoline at Wal Mart. It used to be the other way around.
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    High Detergent 15w-40 in an old sludgey engine

    This is my plan for a V6 that was run on the old Quaker State and it's gunked up pretty bad. A mechanic told me not to do it because it would wash the bearings out of it with such a thick oil. I've run 15w-40 in several gas engines and never had any problems. Any suggestions?
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    Remember when Pennzoil contained Z-7?

    Was it just another additive and does it still have it?
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    Mobil 1 is gettin' expensive

    My Wal Mart is charging $5.92 for the regular stuff amd $6.92 for the EP.
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    Just bought a big Lunati VooDoo hydraulic cam

    I'm building a 440 Dodge and I am looking for ideas as to whether run diesel oil or the regular stuff with VSOT?
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    My Advance Auto Parts now has the Mobil 1 filters

    I put one on my truck since they feel heavily constructed and claim a 99.2% filtering ability.