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    Looking for a shop for T-Tec Los Angeles area

    I'm actually in North Glendale California. I have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4wd I am doing an Autorx cycle at the moment and almost finished. I would like to get a T-Tec done this week. Question, will the shop use a specific fluid if I bring it? I just want to make sure I'm getting stuff with...
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    Run Flats not available for my '07 Accord

    My '07 Accord has the stock 16" alloys. Tire size is 205/60-16. I'm interested in getting run flats as this is my wife's daily driver and I don't want her changing a tire on the side of the highway. I know the drawbacks but what to consider my options. I checked tire rack and there doesn't...
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    Need a good bench vise. Suggestions?

    I am looking for a decent bench vise for my home. I saw one at OSH that looked decent. Made by Olympia, 5 inch "Heavy Duty" for $40. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Need a reccomendation for a conventional MTL

    My trans calls for a GL4 or GL5 75-90. It is a Toyota 4wd 5 speed. I am not looking to use a synthetic at this time for this specific transmission. What choices do I have in quality conventional oils? And does anyone make a conventional GL4 75-90 because I haven't seen any? Thanks
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    Need struts, how's Gabriel?

    I've never bought struts before and this is for my girlfriends car. Just want something quality. This is for a 2001 Toyota Solara. Gabriels are on sale right now at my local store that I prefer shopping at. Other stores have other types. Are Monroe's Better? or worth spending more money on...
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    Toyota Truck Manual trans/t-case/diff fluids

    I have a new to me 2000 4runner 3.4 v6 5speed 4x4. Any reccomendations? I need a good GL5, prefferably one without Limited Slip additives to outfit the whole truck. The rear diff is getting a locker.
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    Toyota 3.4 V6

    I tried searching UOA'a and became very frustrated. I came up with pages and pages of Prius UOA's and I even tried excluding "prius" from the search to no avail. Anyway. New to me 2000 Toyota 4runner. 3.4L 5spd manual 4x4. It has 77k on it. I'm doing ARX right now and plan to switch to a...
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    Report: Autorx and the sticky clutch in my Suzuki

    I have a new to me '01 Suzuki SV650 with 19k miles. It had a sticky clutch. Felt like some of the plates were sticking together and only part of the clutch was disengaging. I changed the oil (Rotella T) and adjusted the clutch lever/cable and experienced no change. Since I have a few extra...
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    Hiflofiltro oil filters. Any good?

    Anyone with experience or knowledge of these?
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    Shifting degrades quickly after fluid change.

    I have a Ford Ranger with the wonderful M5OD Mazda manual transmission. I have tried many different brands and I have changed the fluid about every 10,000 miles for the first 50k since new. Fluid always comes out black as night. Now have 60k on the truck and its needs to be changed. Shifting...
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    Is the current spec Rotella different? worse?

    After 2 OCI I noticed the latest stuff seems to run differently in my bike. And a few bike forums I'm on are talking about how people have seen decreased smoothness in shifting with the CJ4 spec compared to the CI4. I heard ZDDP levels are lower for emissions reasons. Any truth to that? I...
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    Driving w/ busted motor mount cause harm?

    Would driving with a busted motor mount cause increased wear? There was a lot of vibration and I was forced to drive it until a new part arrived. I put a lot of miles on it in that condition. Should I change the oil out since it's now fixed? Or should I contiune with my normal OCI?
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    Sig Alloy frame or all stainless?

    Local dealer has Sig 220's on sale this week. Not a big discount but enough motivation to get me thinking. Do I want the all stainless 220 or the 220R with the alloy frame? The difference in weight is 11.4 ounces. Both have light rails.
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    Shock installation help

    I'm install new shocks on my Truck today. 04 Ford Ranger. The front shocks have that threaded end that sandwiches the frame between two bushings (does that make sense?). My Question is, How tight to go on the nut that sqeezes the bushings. I bottomed out the nut and I think I went too...
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    M1 5w20 Ford 3.0 OHV 7400miles

    This is the latest from my '04 Ford Ranger w/ 3.0 V6. I ran it naked. I use FP60 regularly. No oil was added and I use paper air filters and Motorcraft oil filters. Left Column is the naked M1 OCI 7400 miles, 30k total on truck. Right column was last UOA w/ Amsoil 5w30 dosed w/ LC20 and a...
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    Looking for a hard case 30", WTB

    I need a hard case that is about 30", or a breakdown shotgun case for a 12ga with a 18" barrel and pistol grip. The breakdown case can be smaller. About 23". Most of the breakdown cases I have found are for 28" barrels or bigger. And I can't seem to find anything around 30" (which is the...
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    Please read this, mother of 3 killed by driver.

    <a href=",1886,AND_8203_4646432,00.html" target="_blank">Mother of 3 Killed, no consequences for driver of truck.</a> I am hoping everyone else is as mad about this as I am. The driver of the truck only got a ticket for killing a mother of...
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    Anyone have a Kahr? Opinions

    I was looking at the PM9, which is the smallest one I think. Opinions, suggestions, stories... Looking at suitable CCW guns.
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    Toutist in Canada, oil change

    I am traveling to Canada this summer. I will need the change my oil during my trip. I will be going from Southern California to Canada and eventually up to Alaska. BTW this is on a Motorcycle. Are there places for me to take my used oil in Canada, specifically Vancouver? Do they have some...
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    General Grabber AT2, opinions

    This looks like a pretty good tire at a good price. Has anyone tried it yet?