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    Gas Leaking Red Max

    Have a Red Max trimmer that is blowing gas out of the vent when it's running. Not leaking anywhere else. Maybe I'm sheltered, but I haven't seen this before. I've seen a lot by the way. Picture just to show you what part I'm talking about. I thought these were supposed to be 'one way'...
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    What size bar.

    Alright. Dumb question of the day. I haven't bought a chain for a chain saw for decades. I just sharpen mine when I need it. There isn't a stamp on this bar anywhere (on this 'found' saw) to tell me what size it is. It's on a Stihl Wood Boss. Any of you kind folks set me straight?
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    Washers (shims) for Lawn Mower Wheels

    Looking for a source for wavy washers to shim up mower wheels. Ones that aren't 50 cents apiece. I give up. I can't find them anywhere.
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    Tire wont accept slime

    My tire won't let me squeeze Slime into it (for a slow leak). I actually put a clamp on the bottle and squeezed it 'mechanically'. I can blow air into it with my air 'gun', and when I put the valve core back in, I can air it up. What's up? I know that slime disbelievers outnumber us 10 to 1...
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    83 chevy c-10 steering box

    So, the truck turns left all day without a problem, but takes a long time to manage a right turn. Gearbox bad or something else? THANKS! Want to buy this truck, but I'm worried the box isn't the problem...
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    Bike Suggestion for a Heavy Teen

    Pretty much like the subject says, I have a heavy teen grandson (300 pounds, 6' 2") that goes through bikes pretty quickly. Looking for suggestions on a mountain bike for him. Thanks!
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    Worth It?

    Think this is worth 8 grand?
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    Bought Me a Truck

    Bought me a Dodge D 100/150? yesterday. It has a slant six and automatic transmission. These aren't worth anything are they? There is a bonus engine (slant six) that came stock in a 1970 Cuda sitting in the back. Wonder if it's worth anything more than scrap.
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    Harbor Freight Coupon

    Where can I get a Harbor Freight coupon online or elsewhere? Want to get one of those Tailgater generators.
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    Spring in February? Kind of feels like it.

    Felt weird not to be shivering while I worked today. How's the weather where you are? Yes, I did get on that 'donor sled' and ride today. The sandy roads were interesting a few times.
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    Wheels Won't Turn on Toro 6/24 Power Shift Snow Blower

    Have a Toro 6/24 Power Shift snow blower. Model number 38510; S/N 9001707. The wheels seem to be locked up. It has one of those nonsensical retracting rear wheels systems on it. The manual says they have to be in the forward position for transport, and they are. Still locked up. Any ideas...
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    Oil Mix for Two Stroke Single Stage Snow Blower

    Funny. I spoke to the customer for 3 or 4 minutes about how much oil to add to a gallon of gas for his two stroke snow blower. A week later... He actually kind of chuckled because I replaced the engine (on the cheap) with one I've had laying around for a couple of years. Sometimes wonder...
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    Tech Question - Ariens Two Stage Blower Auger Gear Box

    I replaced the auger gear (not the worm gear) on the latest curb find. It’s an Ariens 8/24 two stage beast. I now see why the (second I believe) gear failed. I cut out a cork gasket, and gummed on plenty of RTV, but it still leaks the 80W-90 out. I am NOT pulling it apart again to put new seals...
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    Tire of Buying Needle and Seat Kits

    I found my fourth plastic float full of gas yesterday (in just a few months). Ethanol gas sure is tough on the plastic/rubber bits and pieces of carburetors. Started finding that seats were so swollen, the bowl of the carb would 'run out of gas' due to the float checking the flow of fuel way...
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    Plastic Float Full of Gas

    Am I sheltered, or is it that uncommon for a plastic float to leak? Out of thousands of Briggs carbs, this is the first plastic float I've seen with gas in it. I always shake them out of habit, but, again, this is a first for me.
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    Broken Engine Bolts

    So, nearly half of the 1/2 inch headed engine mounting bolts I try to remove from Briggs and Stratton engines break off and half to be drilled out. I've sprayed on PB Blaster and let them soak overnight without a great deal of success. Any suggestions short of pulling out the oxy/acet torch?
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    Husqvarna AWD with a Honda engine

    Have a Husqvarna AWD with a Honda engine on it. The carb is clean, the flywheel key is intact, and the blade and mount are tight and right. An initial view under the valve cover shows nothing remarkable (nothing loose or slipped off). It has spark, compression and air, but won't start. When...
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    1992 Ford Ranger Brake Fluid Type

    What type fluid for 1992 Ranger's brakes? I have some DOT 3 and some synthetic DOT 4 on hand. What should I use? Have no idea what is in there already. Thanks!!!
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    Shaft Bent Inside?

    I'm running across a lot of Briggs motors that act like they have a bent shaft. I have one on the bench that vibrates, though the shaft looks as true as can be, and the blade isn't bent. Thoughts?
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    Classic Mower?

    What do you do with one of these? Can't put a good motor on it and sell it. Don't want to use it. It would rip me apart to scrap it, and yet, I guess that's what is going to happen. Wonder if anyone wants it for yard art.