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    New to me 2014 mercedes benz e63 amg s

    I have most of the fluids ready to change: Engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, differential . Still trying to figure out transmission. Amg speedshift 7 speed mct with a wet clutch. What would you use? Any other fluid suggestions appreciated. And would you service the intercooler too?
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    Had a buddy's diff fail on him...

    ... was concerned about mine, have a sea-sense pump I could fish into the fill hole to do some flush and fills, on the Jeep in sig. what do y'all think? really don't want to pull covers, and was thinking some cheap 15W-40 ST diesel all fleet as flush and <a...
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    Darryl Hannah says run yer F.I. motor on MOONSHINE

    ALL ABOARD wild eyed LIBS! Put that 140 proof ethanol in your Escalade flex fuel and have a ball! On Hannity tonite.
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    Please recommend good 12volt windshield defroster

    Prefer plug in to accessory lighter plug, but could hardwire as well. TIA!
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    If it were yours, when would you change the ATF?

    It's the driven hard turbo, 6 spd automatic in sig. I've got a magnefine and D4 for it. I've been thinking drain and fill, but maybe cooler line flush, or take it to a oil change place machine... Currently at 20K miles, definitely severe. Manual says never change normal, 60K severe. What would...
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    Disc brakes have hairline radial cracks...failure?

    So I rotated my tires today and the right front disc has a couple full width hairline radial cracks that seem only on the surface and I can't grab an edge with a fingernail. Hyundai only warranties brakes 1 year, 12k miles. I'm at 19K and almost 2 years. How worried should I be? Pads were still...
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    '86 Bayliner w/ 3.0 4 banger (Iron Duke?) revival?

    This was a bankruptcy auction refugee. A buddy bought it for $850. The trailer seems to be worth that much. He gave it to me to tinker with. I am not boat saavy! It's about 24' and rough. It has sat for over 3 years. What would you do to start it's resuscitation? The oil is black and thick...
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    Hyundai SP-IV 6 speed auto trans spec

    any better synthetics out there? manual says 100K miles normal 60 k severe. I was thinking more like every 30 k...
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    Is there an oversize filter for 2011 Hyundai 2.0T?

    AFAIK, it's the same hyundai/kia filter as ever on all models TIA!
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    how to preserve tires long term unmounted?

    Let's just say the wine made me do it, lol! I got two sets of tires at a killer price, but don't need to change for a long while. I was going to bag them individually in a black plastic bag and stack them horizontally in the storage shed. Anything better for long preservation?