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    What are good coolants for atv use

    Hi all, Got my 1st modern atv that is liquid cooled. Though it is still new, I'm always looking ahead at future maintenance. It is a Cfmoto, and they do not sell their own line of fluids. The owners manual just states to use a 50/50 coolant mix that is safe for aluminum. Just wondering what...
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    Amsoil Ea15k12 cut open

    Just changed the oil on the wife's Nissan Quest. This Amsoil filter was in service about 10 months and 8k miles. Fill was Amsoil Signature series 0w40. Another good looking Amsoil filter. Wire backed media looks good and sturdy construction all around. Same filter and oil went back in and on...
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    Wix 51334 Korean made cut open

    This Korean made Wix 51334 has been in service about 5 months and 4000 miles. Construction appears very close, if not identical to the oem Mann Hummel made filters. No complaints, nice even pleating and robust construction.
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    Cut wix 57035

    Was in service on a Briggs Vanguard v twin for 1 year. No issues noted. Combo valve in this filter, likely due to being too short for a separate bypass valve.
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    Cut Amsoil Ea15k12

    Cut open an Amsoil Ea15k12. Was in service about a year and 7500 miles. No issues noted. I have been using these a few years and always look good. A small filter so short media.
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    Cut unbranded quick lube filter kia/hyundai application

    Unbranded quick lube filter from my 2008 Kia Spectra. In service 8 months and 3000 miles according to lube sticker. No issues noted, decent looking filter.
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    Cut Wix 51348

    In use for 2 years on John Deere stx38 riding mower. No issues noted.
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    Bough NGK Ruthenium sparkplugs

    The wifes Nissan Quest recently rolled 100k miles, so I have been spark plug shopping. Rockauto had NGK Ruthenium for $7.90 each, which was cheaper than iridium, so I pulled the trigger and ordered them, along with a plenum gasket, since it has to be removed to access the 3 rear plugs. Here are...
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    Beck/arnley tie rods and control arms

    The Nissan Quest is finally due for some front end work. Can't really complain, 8 years old and 92k miles, northern NY potholes are not kind to front end parts! Had on my friends lift last week and found 1 outer tie rod is slightly loose and the bushings on the control arms are begining to...
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    Motorcraft FL820s fail

    First experience with a Motorcraft oil filter. This was on my 2008 f350 for about 10 months and 2500 miles. 2 fails in 1 can. 1st the dome end metal endcap wasn't bonded to the adhesive and fell off. I can live with that, the leaf spring held it all togeather. The 2nd and most unacceptable...
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    Pics used Amsoil Ea15k03 10k miles

    Here are some pics of the Amsoil filter I recently removed from my Cavalier with the 2.2 Ecotec. Was on around 11 months and 10k miles. Held up very well!
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    Sinopec aw-46 for log splitter?

    I am rebuilding an old home made log splitter I bought on craigslist. I have a new 13gpm pump, and a 10 gallon reservoir. Looking for hydraulic oil (aw 46 is recommended by pump manufacturer), I have found Sinopec aw-46 available to order from Walmart online for $33.50 per 5 gallon pail and free...
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    Amsoil ea15k03 after 1 year 11k miles

    This is the filter in my Cavalier Ecotec engine after 1 year and about 11k miles. No issues to report. Oil was Amsoil signature 0w40. Same filter and oil went back in for another 1 year oci. <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[249825abf872b9f840]"...
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    Virgin Wix 51348 filter cut open

    Cut open a Wix 51348 that had been laying around my shop for a while. Looks good, typical Wix build quality. <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[249825a92c7d80db8e]" href=""...
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    Motor oil ignorance, know it all on Facebook group

    Had a guy on a small block Chevy facebook group claim that many modern oils contain NO zinc additive. I tried to correct him and said API changes required the zinc levels to be lowered, but there was still a pretty good dose of it in there. I even referenced zinc levels from a few VOA's on here...
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    Trying Amsoil CVT Fluid

    Switched the wife's Nissan Quest over to Amsoil CVT fluid. Changed it at 78k, did 2 drain and fills took about 5 quarts each time. Took the van on a 2300 plus mile week long trip and everything is well with the CVT, shifted smoothly the whole trip. I did 2 suction and fills previously at 50 or...
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    Virgin Amsoil EA 15k03

    Pics of my virgin Amsoil EA 15k03 that fits GM Ecotec 2.2 and 2.4 engines. I'm very pleased with its construction, wire backed synthetic media. Put it in my 03 Cavalier with Amsoil Signature Series 0w40. Planning to run it 1 year, which will probably be around 12k miles.
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    Coolant for snowmobile

    Started a thread in powersports but thought I might get more responses here. I just got a 1993 Ski Doo MXZ 470 liquid cooled. Planning on giving the machine a full service including coolant change. What are people recommending for coolant? I use Peak Global Lifetime in all the cars and trucks I...
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    Coolant for snowmobile

    Acquiring a 1993 Ski Doo MXZ snowmobile. Looking to service it and was wondering what coolant is best to use. I use Peak global Lifetime in my cars and trucks, is this ok to use in a snowmobile?
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    Amsoil 0w40 Signature vs European formulas?

    I am a fan of 0w40 oils. I am currently running it in all 3 of my vehicles. I am currently running the Amsoil European formula but I got wondering if the Signature series would be better. A have hunted around for VOA's and came up empty handed. Just wondering if anyone knows the difference...