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    How much to replace intake gasket on a GM 3800?

    Looks like my daughters 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 3800 Series III will need an intake manifold gasket. Local mechanic gave a price of $609 which includes a new serpentine belt, oil change, new aluminum elbows and coolant. Does this price sound inline?
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    Battery running down in your car? Possible solution for you.

    If you have issues with your battery draining during long periods of storage you might want to try to see if you have "transport mode" enabled on your vehicle. GM vehicles 2015 and newer have this option, it's made to reduce parasitic drain during shipping. Steps to enable transport mode: 1...
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    Used cars imported from Canada to USA on the rise?

    Looking at used cars for a while now and it seems like I am seeing more cars that have been imported into the USA from Canada. Is this a new trend? Is it something to stay away from when looking for a used car? Here is an example <a...
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    Why privacy matters

    Glenn Greenwald was on TED and talked about the issue of tech and privacy see this link <a href="" target="_blank">Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters</a> This is one of the reasons I am migrating from gmail to protonmail. I...
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    Best VOIP Landline?

    My wife refuses to get rid of our landline so I was thinking of saving some cash and getting a phone line thru WOW! cable or some other VOIP like Vonage Magic Jack, etc. Thoughts?
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    How to buy a car from a different state?

    I have found a car in FL that I am interested in (I live in Michigan). I know that people buy cars online from states other than their own but what is the best way of doing it? Is there a website that gives you advise on how to do this from sites like Ebay or How does one deal with...
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    Help with new tires for the Malibu

    Wife's car, 2016 Chevy Malibu is going to need new tires ( 225/55R17 ).. I see that Walmart has Goodyear Viva 3 all seasons on rollback for $93 each. Anyone know if they are a good tire? Trying to find a good tire at a decent price since I have been out on sick leave from work since Feb 22nd...
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    Just spent 22 days in the hospital.

    Yesterday I was discharged from the hospital after 22 days recovering from what started out as regular old Pneumonia! It all started out in Jan. I would get just a little sick then get better after a couple days. This would repeat a number of times until I finally went to the Dr. and was...
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    My Laptop is th only device that can't see the WiFi Help

    This morning I went over to the laptop to check up on the latest BITOG news and my Laptop couldn't connect to my Wifi no matter what I tried. I can see all the neighbors WiFi networks except mine. Every other device in the house can see my Asus AC-5300 triband router except for my laptop. This...
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    Ever wonder how car sales people are trained?

    Found this guy on YouTube training sales departments how to convince you to buy a car. Pretty slick and just a little bit slimy IMO, but anyways I present this to BITOG for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy! Link <a href=""...
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    Forgive me BITOG for I have sinned.

    I had to do an oil change on the Malibu today so I put her up on the ramps, drained the oil and pulled the filter. Went to the stash and found that I didn't have any Dexos Gen2 oil and no UPF64R filter. So I threw in some 2 year old Dexos Gen1 Castrol EP and a Fram XG10575 filter that I had...
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    Why do I have traffic on my computers?

    So I have been looking at the traffic that goes thru my router (ASUS RT-AC5300) and I keep seeing as something that is using bandwidth. Looking at the history on the computers, no one has visited this site? My Computer seems to use the most bandwidth to but other devices...
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    Bought a Desk Top PC for $30!

    So our old Desktop PC was getting VERY slow and old and I was thinking of buying a new one when my wife mentioned that she can get a used PC from work when they retire the older ones and buy new. SO I said why not? The next day she brought home this. Completely de dusted and reformatted. Even...
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    Brightest backup light for my daughters car?

    So my teenage Daughter has a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix. At night she has a hard time seeing behind her when backing up out of dark driveways. Last night she actually backed onto the grass and almost got stuck in the wet grass (we have lawn repair in our future) at one of her friends house...
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    Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Explained

    Steve Lehto, a Michigan Lemon Law Attorney explains the law in this <a href="" target="_blank">Interesting YouTube video</a>. Steve has some great videos. I Binge watched him the other day and thought I would share this with you.
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    Best free antivirus for an old PC

    So I have an older PC that is pretty slow. I am looking for a free antivirus that will consume the least amount of resources. Currently using Bitdefender, I like it but it's just so slow while running it. Any ideas?
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    Android error help

    I keep getting this error on my phone and I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to fix it. The phone is an Alcatel A30 Fierce running 6.0.1 on the Metro PCS network. Screen shot below. <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[353775b0be623cd7a7]"...
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    Aviation gas, 100LL in OPE?

    So I have an number of 2 and 4 stroke OPE's that I own. Lawnmower, snowblower, chain saw, leaf blower, trimmer, blah blah... I cannot find an E0 gas in the area but have a nice local airport just around the corner. What do you all think about using aviation gas (100 octane low lead) in all...
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    Some private planes use MB 229.5 engine oil now

    So I was looking around the web and came upon Diamond Aircraft. They have aircraft that are powered by piston turbo diesel Austro engines. (it actually burns Jet A fuel) Although they have a specific Austro engine oil available made by Liqui Moly I read that you and use any engine oil that has...
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    Daughters laptop freezes after Windows update

    So I am updating both of my daughters laptops and I seem to run into problems with both of them with "2018-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 1709 for x64 based systems (KB4089848)" Both laptops are Lenovo Ideapad 11015ACL. AMD A6 procesor After the update I restart and get this...