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    Supertech additive chemistries

    I emailed Warren Distribution about the discrepancies in additive chemistries between what the data sheets for Supertech High Mileage state for additives, and what PQIA's VOA shows. The data sheets show high calcium and boron. PQIA shows modest calcium and high sodium. According to Dietz Brock...
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    QS Defy according to SOPUS

    I emailed SOPUS regarding whether or not Defy met current SN/GF-5 standards aside from ZDDP levels. I also asked about the concentration of synthetic base oils. This was the reply I received; <span style="font-style: italic">Thank you for your inquiry. Quick answer, yes. We designed our Defy...
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    VW 504/507

    Nobody around here has a VW 504/507 approved oil in stock for sale. I have a customer bringing in a 2013 Jetta TDI for 40k service. I finally found Total Quartz Ineo Long Life 5w30 at a small local parts store. Plattsburgh Motor Service came through for me. They also have the DSG transmission...
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    AAP oil made by Chevron

    I noticed the appearance of the AAP house branded oil's quart bottles had changed. Looking at the most recent MSDS dated for 12/31/13, the company name listed as the producer was Chevron. Same went for the house brand synthetic, which now carries Dexos approval. Rebottled Havoline?
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    The Jets win?

    Tampa's defense just gave the Jets a free one, but we'll take it. Geno Smith looked good today, and gift or not, it will bolster his confidence. The Jets are an 8-8 or 9-6 team as long as Geno continues to progress.
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    It is a scarey thought that one of the techs in my garage is downright convinced that STP oil filters are one of the best on the market, and the Fram Ultra is bad because it is a Fram. E-core over one of the toughest built and best filtering retail filters on the market. To think that he went to...
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    Mobil Special @ Target

    Target has Mobil Special on sale for $2.69/qt and Mobil Super for $2.99/qt. Extra 5% off with a Red Card. Picked up 7 qts of Special 5w30 for $17.92 for the Trailblazer. Chevron's Oronite add-pack blended with XOM Group II.
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    Supertech High Mileage and Motorcraft

    The data sheet info that was posted, looks a lot like the voa data from Motorcraft oil. Just the same add pack, or the same blender? Physical Specifications Procedure Test Min Max Typical Results ASTM D4052 Specific Gravity at 60&#778;F NA NA 0.8714 ASTM D287 API Gravity NA NA 30.88 ASTM D445...