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    Classless Alabama Inbreds

    Do these redneck idiots always have to throw beer cans on the track when Gordon beats their boy Jr?
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    Is changing oil too often really bad?

    Better too often than not enough.
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    Any experience with Cooper Discoverer M&S?

    Thanks for the input guys. I think I'll be buying a set this coming winter.
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    tire brands you will/wont buy again?

    I currently have Toyo Open Country ATs on my truck. Probably never buy them again because they are worthless in snow.
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    What do you keep your psi at?

    I run 36 front and 35 rear.
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    Any experience with Cooper Discoverer M&S?

    I know they are snow rated and have the little snowflake on the mountain symbol but I was curious as to how good they work in light to moderate snow? I'm thinking about buying a set of those or something close next November.
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    Can we stop calling Motorcraft "Synthetic Blend"?

    Remember, it's only the 5w-20 that they are calling a synthetic blend.
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    Oil Choices

    Just stick with the PP and change it once a year.
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    Gas Prices in Cali - Suck

    $2.60 here in west/central PA
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    First load of Castrol Syntec 10w-30

    Yes, it was roughly four dollars more for the jug of Syntec.
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    First load of Castrol Syntec 10w-30

    I normally run Pennzoil Platinum but I decided to do some experimenting. I know it's a Group III oil but I'm looking for some feedback on the Syntec.
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    Chrysler Recall

    They are to an extent. The fact that the Big Three plus Toyota and Honda are recalling stuff all of the time doesn't help.
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    ethanol in gas

    I buy Sunoco sometimes and their pumps were marked "with ethanol". Now the pumps don't say anything so I assume that they no longer use ethanol in their gas.
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    Green Diamond winter tires

    Looking for some feedback on these tires from anyone who has ever used them.
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    How to tell piston slap from lifter tick?

    Piston slap to me is much deeper and louder. It also seems to go away when the engine warms up.
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    5W30 and STP oil treatment

    I add either STP or preferably VSOT to my Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30 or 10w-30. I add one oz. per quart of oil.
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    Toyo Open Country Snow Tires

    My Open Country A/Ts have been really poor in the snow. I even have 280lbs of sand bags right over the rear axle. Next winter, I'm going with either a Hercules winter tire or the Cooper M&S. 31x10.5x15 on a Dodge Dakota Club Cab 4.7
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    Mobil 1 15w-50 $6.50/quart at Wal Mart

    I can't believe how much they are charging per quart of Mobil 1 these days.I'll stay with Pennzoil Platinum at $3.98 per quart.
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    Has anyone used HD30 in a 4.6?

    I would put Castrol HM or Pennzoil HM 10w-30 in it myself.
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    I need some good snow tires

    I run 35 pounds and they are 31x10.5x15.