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    Looking for a lithium soap based glycol grease

    Looking for a lithium soap based glycol grease. For Toyota and Yamaha. Toyota calls their stuff "rubber grease". Would Valvoline Crimson #2 heavy duty grease fit here?
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    Mixing 2 stroke oils

    Any reason not to mix left over Stihl, Echo and Husky premix 2 stroke oils at 50/ 50 with Maxima Formula K2 synthetic in my OPE such chainsaws, blowers , weedeaters. I've decided to run K2 full time and just want to use up remaining leftovers. I'm getting the K2 at $19 a litter vs way overpriced...
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    Move those Deer Crossings

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    Wonder what oil these riders use?

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    Math question for the experts.

    Let say you have eight .1750 diameter holes. What would be the total volume in diameter of all eight combined? Does that make since?
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    >>>> DOT 4 Brake fluid vs Super DOT 4 Brake fluid

    Hello, My 2007 GM product requires "super DOT 4 brake fluid" for the clutch fluid reservoir. What is the difference between Super Dot 4 and DOT 4 brake fluid? Is there any reason I can't just use DOT 4 in the clutch fluid reservoir? There seems to be a big difference in price and availability is...
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    Government Motors must be feeling rich these days.

    Government Motors must be feeling rich these days. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Vehicles made at the venture will carry the FAW brand and will focus on supplying the China market, but they could be exported under a GM brand through...
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    Pennzoil Platinum..... vs..... Pennzoil YB & Wear

    How come in general it seems like Pennzoil YB seems to have slightly better wear numbers. Than Pennzoil Platinum in the UOA section. Is this a product of the base oils used? Admittedly I'm splitting hairs here since they both seem to be producing excellent wear characteristics. Just curious.
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    Citigroup....American tax payers = Falcon 7X

    Citigroup would like to thank the American tax payers for there 45 billion dollar bailout package. By purchasing a 50 million dollar Dassault Falcon 7X French made business jet. I guess they are trying to follow in GE footsteps. Who after receiving 140 Billion dollars in bailout money from the...
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    Arkansas school shooter denied handgun permit

    Find it disturbing this guy is out of jail. Much less has the nerve to want a handgun permit. <a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>
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    November auto sales.... getting uglier each month

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">October's seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of 10.6 million vehicles was worst in more than 25 years and far below the rate of 16 million a year earlier, according to Autodata Corp...
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    The 10 Cars...... That Sank Detroit?

    The 10 Cars That Sank Detroit? <a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>
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    October auto sales....GM down 45% in US sales

    <a href="" target="_blank">Auto sales LINK</a>
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    Fram Filter for my Toyota made in China!

    Went to get a new Fram air filter for my Toyota today. Took it out of the box to look at before I bought it. Good thing, it said made in China. Needless to say I did not buy it. If China can't get dog food additives or baby formula right. Why would I want to buy an air filter for my Toyota...
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    Toyota new IQ

    Thought this was kind of interesting, 1000 cc motor and all. But looks like it won't be coming to the states. <a href="" target="_blank">Link Here</a>
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    Super Tech 75W-90 synthetic blend

    Anyone else tried Super Tech 75W-90 synthetic blend in a manual transmissions application? Just switch to this in my old Toyota pickup so far I'm impressed with the way is shifts. I will know more in a couple months when colder weather hits. Because this thing can shift hard in 1st and 2nd when...
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    The price of RAT meat has quadrupled

    Guess those chicken prices are not so bad after all. <a href="" target="_blank">LINK </a>
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    2009 Corvette ZR1 in action

    2009 Corvette ZR1 in action.... video. <a href="" target="_blank">LINK ZR1</a>
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    Gun Safety........................NOT

    CARCASSONNE, France (AFP) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy promised swift and severe punishment Monday after a soldier used real bullets instead of blanks and wounded 17 people at an army base open day. <a href=""...
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    A video of a aftermarket V8 block being machined

    A cool video of a aftermarket V8 block being machined. <a href="" target="_blank">Link Here</a>