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  1. J

    Amazing restore of a floor jack

    Can't believe the number of parts in a floor jack! Never looked at them that closely.
  2. J

    What are you eating right now?

    Will try and get pics next time. Only been there twice so far. LOT'S of food in our bags, more than we could eat! Second time I only ordered a drink and we shared her food, still some went to waste. Ate age 18 I could have probably handled a meal by myself. LOL
  3. J

    What are you eating right now?

    Looks like the food bag from Red Anchor Seafood, in Council Bluffs, IA. Just opened a couple months ago. Now my Granddaughter's favorite eating joint!(y)
  4. J

    Traded in 2 Guns for One

    Sure...move to Iowa!;)
  5. J

    Sold an old junk pickup truck

    No doubt it would start and run fine with a new battery!:) As a fishing truck/backup up vehicle, I always ran no alcohol top tier gas and fuel stabilizer. Nothing but finest fuel for the rust bucket.;) As a side note, looked out the door today and made sure it was still gone.(y) Engine, trans...
  6. J

    Traded in 2 Guns for One

    I almost bought a LCP Max - last gun show. But I'm retired now and pretty much stay home. Looks like a sweet little pocket gun. I'm to the point now, instead of getting more, I give guns away to my kids for BD presents, etc!:)
  7. J

    Sold an old junk pickup truck

    I expect my old retired neighbor ladies, will be soon bringing over some freshly baked cookies. Not having to look at the rust bucket every day!;)
  8. J

    Tires for Dolly Parton roads

    I bought a new set of CrossClimate 2's last fall. Seem to be great tires in all of the ever-changing Iowa weather. Good in show, ice, rain, braking, etc. My only whine it the fuel mileage dropped about 4 MPG. But then again, I retired and do less highway driving. Probably a large factor. No...
  9. J

    Sold an old junk pickup truck

    Got rid of an eyesore sitting beside my house this AM. 1997 Nissan pickup that was a rust bucket. Last time running was a year ago, giving Granddaughter a shot at driving a stick shift. Rusted brake line puked out the brake fluid. I drove it back home only using the hand brake. It was only used...
  10. J

    Shop Truck build

    NOT slamming you by any means, so don't take this the wrong way! But why would you get it painted, before all the mechanical work is finished? Just more chances on getting a new paint job scratched.:cautious:
  11. J

    BMW Touch up Paint

    Good luck on touch up paint! I've not had much luck. After about a year of ownership, smacked a deer and tore up the front bumper. Took to well known local body shop. Car was still drivable. He gave me an estimate and I said get the parts ordered. He ripped off about a 6" piece of the front...
  12. J

    Worst Fast Food Restaurants in America

    I can't believe broasted chicken would be bad, but these days, who knows? Around here (small town of 5000) We only have a Mom and Pop store and Chester's Chicken. Both are excellent!
  13. J

    The cost of college

    Trade schools are a pretty good bargain these days. Half a brain and no schooling needed. Many businesses have apprenticeships. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC, etc. Just have a good work ethic and they will train you. Few years into the job and you can make some fairly good $. Not DR. $ for...
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    What are you eating right now?

    I ate entirely too much at my Daughter's wedding feast last night. Then got up and went for breakfast this AM with my date" Two days worth of food in one. But I gained a new Son-in-law that is a great guy. I'm 66 years old, my "date" is 37. Really sweet gal, but we are only friends. Worked...
  15. J

    My wife brought home a new pet.

    I love cats. Wish I was not so old and had enough energy to have one again! I just can't keep up anymore. Between the litter box, feedings, hair, etc. Last cat I had was a sweet-heart. Big old boy that weighed 18 LBS. He would sleep with me every night, then decide to sleep on my chest. I...
  16. J

    What are you eating right now?

    That looks good, GON. You eat too well! In Iowa tonight it's frozen Stouffer's Lasagna from the microwave. :mad:
  17. J


    That's exactly what it was...a piece of meat with the hide still covering the body. I'd like to say, most rural Iowa folks know, that meat is not manufactured in a grocery store. Too many cattle and hog farmers here. They do not raise them for pets.:)
  18. J


    I ratchet strapped a buck deer over the trunk of my 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass, back in the late 1980's. Pickup truck was down deer hunting weekend. Got a few funny looks, but only had a 12 mile drive. But then again, this was backwoods Iowa!;)
  19. J

    Why is it bad to turn an engine backward?

    4 cycle engines run like this: 4 modes. Intake, compression, combustion and exhaust.. An engine can be designed to run either direction. However, you can not have the exhaust valve doing it's thing before the intake and combustion takes process. I'm not good on explaining this...sorry!
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    Pay it forward

    Good on you, Sir. Go Cyclones!