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    Gearwrench ratcheting wrench set $13.99 at Costco

    Saw these the other night at Costco. I’ve been looking for a cheap set and these fit the bill. Looks like the basic metric sizes I need (10,12,13,14,15) unlike the Amazon set that is missing the 12mm. I didn’t note the SAE sizes. These are not listed on the Costco website. Made in China.
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    Winchester 9mm Defender - “PDX1” no longer on the box

    I recently bought a case of this ammo and they no longer say PDX1 on the box. Anyone know why this is? It does still say PDX1 on the cardboard shipping box. btw, yes I paid more than ever before but I still consider it a worthwhile investment. briefly had the 147gr in stock.
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    TGMO 0w-20 SN bulk, 7917mi, 2010 Toyota 4Rrunner

    My first UOA. 32,000 mi on the truck. First OC at 2500mi. All other OCIs were at 5k until this one at 7917mi. I was unsure that the oil was actually TGMO. All of the dealer's paperwork and the windshield sticker said M1. Of course the techs/service reps all said. "Toyota oil is M1". Looks like...