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    2006 Sierra 5.3L 4300mi 5W30 0W40 Mix

    <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> I believe the sodium is from the previous GTX oil change.
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    Mazda AJTM-14-302 Filter Cut Open

    Changed the oil on my daughter's van awhile back. After taking this filter off, I noticed that it had all the common characteristics of some Purolators (a Motorcraft FL820S in particular). I knew I would be cutting it open, so I asked her how long it had been in use. She didn't know for sure...
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    Bosch 3332 Cut Open - Media Tear

    Cut open the Bosch 3332 Filter I ran on the GMC Sierra last winter (from 12/2014 thru 3/2015). Had roughly 4000 miles on it. One pleat is torn at the endcap adhesive on both ends. Pic below shows the tear on one end. The tear at the other end is very similar. <img...
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    Eaton Gear Oil Recommendations for the Truetrac

    The G80 auto locker stopped locking in my 06 Sierra, so I just had an Eaton Truetrac installed. My initial impressions are very good (but very limited at this moment). It seems very smooth and both wheels hook up when needed. I read through <a...
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    Old Non-Detergent

    Ran onto this awhile back. This non-detergent oil was made by Pennzoil. <img src="" class="post-image" align="left" alt="" />
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    2001 Mustang Cobra Coolant

    The coolant needs to be changed on my 2001 Mustang Cobra. The manual calls for standard green coolant and specifically warns against using the orange extended life coolant (which would have been G-05, I believe). The engine currently has green coolant installed. I assume the warning against...
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    Shell Admits Liability For Huge Nigeria Oil Spill

    Shell's spills occurring in 2008 and 2009 were (in total) 1/5 the size of BP's Gulf of Mexico leak. <a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>
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    Honeywell Sells CPG (Prestone, Fram, Autolite)

    "Honeywell announced on Friday that had agreed to sell its automotive consumer products group to the Rank Group, a New Zealand private investment firm..." <a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>
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    I'm thinking Rotella 10W30

    in the wife's new ride... <img src="" alt="" /> since it's an unrestored original.
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    Will the ACEA Dino Please Step Forward

    Nearly all synthetic API SM oils are ACEA rated. And some of the API SM dino/synthetic blends are ACEA rated. However, essentially none of the API SM dino oils are ACEA rated. Is it because they don’t pass the SAE J300 shear stability requirement?
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    "Most wear occurs at start-up"

    Does the study/data that indicates “most wear occurs at start-up”, also indicate that the lighter weight oils reduce start-up wear? Or is that just a frequently made assumption?
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    Unexpected MPG Increase

    According to the onboard computer in my 2006 GMC Sierra, my MPG has suddenly increased about 5% (1MPG). I drive the Sierra about 24 miles (one way) to work (mostly 55 mph rural two lane) and there have been no changes in the route or the way I drive. The increase seems to have begun a couple...
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    GM Performance Parts Oil Recommendation

    This may have been posted before? Below (from the GM Performance Parts website) is an interesting question and answer from the FAQs regarding their Performance Parts engines: <b>7.) Can I use synthetic oil during break in of my new engine?</b> No, Petroleum based engine oil should always be...
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    Late Model OCIs

    Since it’s been suggested that oil change intervals beyond 3000 miles are a major contributor to oil filter media deterioration (holes, tears, etc.), let’s look at manufacturers recommended OCIs for late model vehicles. Can we list some specifics? My late model vehicle manufacturer recommended...
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    Media Pics

    I photographed two filter elements under high magnification. Interestingly, one filter costs 3X the other but they don't <i>look</i> much different. <img src="" alt=" - " /> <img src=""...
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    Basing Oil Selection on UOAsl

    Wasn’t sure of the best place for this topic. Since it isn’t an actual UOA, I elected not to place it there. I’m not trying to start a fight, but I have several honest questions and concerns about the usefulness of UOAs in comparing the effectiveness of oils and their relationship to engine...