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    Will soon need to buy new 3 season tires for my 2008 Honda Fit. I have dedicated winter tires, on seperate rims, so these are April till Halloween use only. I drive about 5% gravel roads, 10% city, 30% secondary roads that are twisty, and 55% hwy. A mellow driver most often, not a Valtteri...
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    Breaking Up

    Not referring to myself, just a question in general. When was it, that ghosting became the normal way of breaking up with someone? Back in the old days, people tell me, men and women had enough respect for each other, to most often end a relationship with a conversation. Now the other person is...
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    please Help Me by Answering Yes or No

    For an online College course I am taking, doing a survey of one quick question. If a family member in your home, came home smelling of body odor so bad, it was making you gag, would you tell them they smell bad, and need to go shower? Please answer YES or No. Thank you.