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    New 2022 Kia Soul Turbo

    The lovely lady just bought this, 2nd turbo in the fleet. I’m running M1 FS 0w-40 in my K5, just want to confirm that a 5w-40 Euro (or the M1) will work for this 1.6L turbo engine. I mean, I know it will work, but is it an appropriate choice and blah blah blah. OM calls for A5/B5 5w-30...
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    Pondering HDEO for K5 GT

    Kia K5 GT w/ 2.5L dual-injection turbo I4 Currently running M1 0w-40. I’m pondering the Euro vs the HDEO oils for the next change. Some specific oils would be Pennzoil Euro 5w-40. Stick with M1. QS Euro 5w-40. Rotella T6 Thoughts? She’s a fuel diluter. At 6k the oil smells of gas. I run...
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    2021 Kia K5 GT oil filter recommendations

    Just bought a 2021 Kia K5 GT. 2.5L turbo making 290hp. On prior vehicles I ran fram ultras out around 7500-10k miles. This one requires 3k changes under severe service... and since I'm enjoying the 290hp... Basically, should I go with the orange can fram and save myself some money, or is it...
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    Kia K5 GT oil suggestions

    Just bought a new Kia K5 GT. Lots of fun, best car I've ever owned. 2.5L turbo making 290HP. Manual says 0w-30 and synthetic oil only, SN+ or SP or GF-6. Manual also says 6k normal service and 3k severe service change intervals. I'll be doing 3-4k changes I think, and I'm going to use M1...
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    Supertech 15w-40

    Considering using this in all the OPE. Any solid reason I shouldn't? In the boiler room that is FL. Also looking at delvac and rotella
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    B3000 head replacement

    Mazda b3000 with ford Vulcan 3.0 v6. Prior owner overheated and blew the head gasket. Then he pulled the heads and let it sit a couple months so the pistons rusted in place. We've freed up the engine with a can of liquid wrench and repeated soaks, wipe, brush. Then we put it in 3rd gear and...
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    93 Mazda B3000

    Planning on a HDEO for this one. Probably 15w-40. This engine is known for inadequate lubrication to the pushrod/rocker arm contact point so I'm going full saps Add your thoughts and opinions below. Truck has around 160k miles. 3 liter ohv v6
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    Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty grease for FEL

    This stuff is marketed as a good ep grease. The reading I've done suggests it's a good GC-LB and polyurea base. Any reason this grease wouldn't be suitable for FEL pivots and chassis grease points? My brother snagged it for the tractor because of the marketing, I just want to make sure it's...
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    Brothers new Kubota L2501

    Read the other thread about the super udt2 in the HST, are there any other fluids (besides engine oil) that are worth upgrading? Tractor has 7.4 hours on it so far. We did some tree work this weekend and I'm in love. Such a nice piece of equipment. There is a blurb in the owners manual about...
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    0w-20 and 0w-16 engine compatibility

    I'm fairly certain that an engine designed for 0w-16 could run 0w-20 without problems but I don't think the reverse is true. Does anyone have some data that can provide clarification?
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    Time for brakes again

    Time for pads and rotors. 2010 Ford Fusion. Daily driver, don't track but I am aggressive with braking and acceleration often. Currently running akebono street performance pads, and I like them a lot. Rotors are generic autozone brand I think. I've heard good things about EBC Black stuff for...
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    Beware Youtube

    Lots of morons on the internet <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=xPau9-XGBgw</a> Claims Mobil 1 is not api certified, which is false
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    Car Audio Questions

    I'm considering building or ordering some speaker enclosures for a set of kicker CS68 I have collecting dust. Can anyone here point me to a useful board that focuses on car audio? The question I need answered is what internal volume should the sealed boxes have to optimize bass response. So...
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    Thoughts on oci for OPE

    The predator generator 3200W calls for 50hr changes. At 50hr the M1 HM 10w-30 looks barely used. I started thinking... M1 HM 10w-30 is good for 10k miles in my vehicle and probably more. There is obviously a filter in the equation but I’m starting to think that extended change intervals for...
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    Why large displacement v8 for SuperDuty

    Ok so I just spent a little time nerding out on Wikipedia. Two V8s 5.0L Coyote: 395HP @5750 and 400lb-ft torque @4000 6.2L 385hp @5750 and 430 lb-ft @3800 These are very similar outputs given the difference in displacement. Why are the large displacement V8s lingering on in the heavy duty...
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    Need to source decent rims

    Vehicle in sig. I have a bad habit of hitting potholes and bending rims. The occasional curb gets me as well. I can get Dorman refurbished wheels for about 100 off amazon. Cash is extremely tight at the moment. I’m going to go junkyard hunting unless someone has a better idea
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    AC/Blendoor Problem

    2010 Ford Fusion v6 178k mi The heat automagically comes on. I can have the temp knob set to full cold and I’ll hear the airflow change and the air coming out goes hot. If I turn the temp knob to full heat and then slowly bring it back to cold a few notches at a time I can get full cold...
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    Oil change in the Nissan fleet

    2006 Nissan Altima with 200k. Has the 3.5 v6 Pushed my dad to buy the M1 HM 10w-30 (he’s a M1 guy) because I’ve heard different posters talk about how the Nissan engines shear oil. He bought M1 HM 5w-30 and the Fram Ultra. Le sigh. He didn’t want to change 5 to 10w just on my recommendation...
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    Nikki carburetor clean and rebuild

    42” Troy-bilt pony with 17.5 hp B&S Power Built. Has a Nikki carburetor. My brother-in-law’s mower, sat for a long time without being run. When I pulled the fuel line off the carb something resembling mud came out. I pulled the carb off, dumped yellow gas out of the bowl. Sprayed everything...
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    M1 HM 10w-30 for mower and generator

    Currently running this oil in the 4kW Predator generator, and the huskavarna riding mower that’s a 25hp Briggs twin. After reading through this forum I have the impression that the Xw-40 HDEO are the “best” for extended operation in summer temperatures. I’m in the Florida panhandle and summer...