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    Old vintage road test on You Tube

    1969 Impala: <a href="" target="_blank">1969 Impala</a> <a href="" target="_blank">69 Dodge Charger hemi</a> I find these to be Entertaing. I linked two of my favorites. The same two people that posted...
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    Kohler Magnum 18 spark plug gap?

    Hi, I'm working a freinds old sears lawn mower with MV18 motor What is the correct spark plug gap? on Kohler's site the service manuals says .025, but there owner's manual says .035. It was a very neglected mower, but it's running much better now after I changed the oil and filter, new air...
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    when will the grand marquis production stop?

    so what's the lastest word on when they will stop making grand marquis, crown vics and town cars? I haven't really heard anything about it recently
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    which oil? for snowblower

    MTD Yard King snowblower, Tecumseh 5.5 HP 4 cycle 3 years old, not all that much use on it, it doesn't leak or burn any oil I have a bottle of M1 0w-40 sitting around, is that Ok? unsure what is the recommend weight for it
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    anybody ever try Penzoil Platinum 0w-20 or 0w-30?

    just wondering, nobody really talks about it much?
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    M1 0w-20/0w-30 too thin? Maybe

    Car: 2005 Mercury grand marquis, 4.6, started at 52,500 now at 61,000 miles, filter: napa gold, later motorcraft. last spring I put 5 quarts of M1 0w30 and 1 quart M1 0w-20 in it. results were very nosisey start ups, not sure what it was/is either timing chains or main bearing. the hotter the...
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    the ford 3.5 V6, any good?

    well the engine has been out for little while now any word on how there holding up? how about the 6 speed auto tranny?
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    ford 4.6 54,000 miles , go to full SYN???

    2005 mercury grand marquis, 54,000 miles. It doesn't burn or leak oil of any amount with motorcraft 5w20 syn blend in it. I have only owned the car the last 3,000 miles, I am unsure what oil was used before. been think going to full syn, maybe Mobil 1. is too late for that? if so what weight...
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    oil weight mixing results, ford 4.6, 200,000 miles

    well this summer I tried going a little heaver weight, I used 4 quarts tropartic syn blend 10w30 with one quart of motorcraft 15w40 results, oil burning/leaking was cut way down, I now go thru about 1/2 the oil at about one quart per 2500 miles or more, I went thru pure tropartic 10w30 at about...
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    any muscle car diecast collectors here?

    if so there is a new company making nice 1/64 scale muscle car diecasts Greenlights, see links <a href="" target="_blank">green lights muscle cars</a> <a href=""...
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    walmart motorcraft 5w-30

    well I have been using motorcraft 10w30 in 4.6 ford since last spring, I was buying the oil from the local autozone, well I switched to 5w-30 motorcraft from walmart at 2.08 a quart. the price is lower. Do you think that walmart oil is the same oil as the oil from autozone or a ford dealership...
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    the first high peformance pickup truck?

    <a href="" target="_blank">early muscle pickup truck 1</a> <a href="" target="_blank">what is it?</a> <a href="" target="_blank">example</a>...
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    high Mileage 4.6, use 15w40?

    my 94 mercury grand marquis 4.6 has 170,000 miles on it It burns some oil but not real bad, it seems to get worse on hot days, esp when I am pulling my bass boat on the highway (no overdrive used when pulling). I also notice that the first 1000 miles on fresh oil change it burns less, the more...
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    tires P215-70-15

    I need some new tires for my 94 grand marquis, want to spend 80 to 120 each. any ideas on who makes good/best tires? for this size in a all season radial <small>[ April 18, 2004, 04:23 PM: Message edited by: MillerMan ]</small>
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    syn blend for winter? any good

    I have two ford 4.6 V8's cars one with 100,000 miles the other 150,000 miles. I was thinking or using 5w-30 penz blend oil in them this winter, you guys think it will better than penz 5w30 dino? I live in central Minn/Wis and the cars will be kept outside over night often. much of the...