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    Garage door repair

    Long story short. Blew up my garage door the other day. It was inadvertently locked. Not completely locked but enough to push the locking rods into the side rails. When I went to open the door it bent 2 panels before it finally popped open. First estimate $3700 for a new door. Second estimate...
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    Great super bowl halftime show

    Excellent half time show. Unbelievable how they managed to edit all this talent down to only 14 minutes. I could have done better.
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    Christmas gratuity

    Just wondering what Christmas gratuity levels vary across the forum / region. I have garbage guys twice a week and recycling guys twice a month. I have yet to give them a gift. No particular reason. Just haven’t got to know them (recently replaced long term regulars.) But I did gift my long term...
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    My wife and I are 70. We babysit 4 days a week. 630AM-400PM. Monday we have two grandkids, a five year old and a 8 month old. Tuesday thru Thursday we have the 8 month old. Are we nuts? I’m trying to hold onto a part time crossing guard job just to get out of the house and make some walk around...
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    Life is a circle

    Next door neighbor passed the other day. His wife preceded him 4 years ago. His son lives states away. Yesterday came home to a dumpster in his driveway. Son is tossing everything. No ones fault, just a sad commentary on the rush to accumulate things. I sat on those sofas, I commented politely...
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    Cleaning out the attic and closets

    We have bulk pick up in my neighborhood June 16. Prior to that I have a Veterans of America pick up for Monday June 7. We are being ruthless. Untouched after 3 years it’s going. Amazing how much you can accumulate. I am determined to clean up after myself. Family photos, records are exempt. But...
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    Kitchen gadgets

    Ugh. My kids insist on gifting us gadgets to cook with. My son bought me a sous vide because I like steaks. But not in a plastic bag that comes out looking like an organ transplant. ‘No problem, I’ll send you a torch so you can put a sear on it’ No thanks. My daughter swears by her air fryer so...
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    Temperpedic pillows

    My wife, because she has to dream up Christmas gifts that no body really needs or wants, ordered Tempur-pedic pillows for Christmas gifts. I told her I would try them once, and if they suck I would return them in two weeks or throw them out. I’m happy with my pillows. For crying out loud can I...
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    Do you donate to Wikipedia? Their annual fundraiser is in full swing. I use it a lot. I have donated in the past. $20 or so. What’s their deal? Hurting for donations or worth a fortune?
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    Successful kenmore elite refrigerator repair

    FWIW. Have a French door set up and recently the spring that keeps the center mullion snug to the left door broke. Kenmore no longer sells just the spring, you have to replace the mullion. After some digging I discovered the spring is really not unique, just a 6 coil torsion spring. LG sells it...
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    Automotive bulbs

    Just wondering. I’ve got a 2012 Nissan Versa that I bought 9 years ago. Not a lot of miles on it, about 75k. I’ve yet to have to replace any bulbs on this car, from headlights right down to rear license plate lights, brake, turn signals, you name it. I’m not complaining, just curious if this is...
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    Lately I’ve been waking up with brutal lower back pain that eases up in a few hours. I’m thinking it’s time for a new mattress. Long story short does anyone have any suggestions. Firmness, adjustable bed etc. I’m 160 lbs and can sleep on anything but this morning back pain is getting to me. How...
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    Lawn renewal

    just had back yard skinned off. It was previously crab grass and assorted crap. What is the best approach to having this come back as a lawn. Crabgrass preventer, seed, sod or what. Paver patio was installed and I had the guy just skin off the rest. There’s gotta be a lot of crabgrass roots in...
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    R134 refrigerant in a can

    Anyone use those cans of r134 to refresh a/c systems? They're fairly idiot proof. They come with an attached gauge, they only fit the low side port, etc. My question is, is the gauge a "smart gauge" meaning if it indicates a properly charged system will it prevent you from adding refrigerant to...
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    Washing machine lid switch

    I own a old school Whirlpool washer. Agitator, pre HE. Does a load of clothes in 15 minutes without a hiccup. Only problem I've had with it was that it inherited the dreaded lid switch. I know, if you've got kids you don't want them falling into a spinning tub but I don't. And when the grandkids...
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    Sentra no start

    2013 Sentra with a intermittent no start problem. Starts fine for a month or two and then dead. Battery dated Feb 2019. Gonna have alternator and battery checked tomorrow. Perhaps it's a defective brake switch (it's a push button) but in the past when I've jumped it it starts right up. If the...
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    Nest thermostats

    My son is anxious to install a nest tstat in my home as a gift. My wife and I are both retired. There is always someone home. We're not leaving the house at 6am and getting home at 6pm. Our schedules IMO are not compatible with a nest trying to "learn " our habits. We have none. Our house is...
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    So, how did your Thanksgiving go?

    Mine was hot and cold. And not only the food.
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    2008 Chrysler minivan a/c issues

    2008 Chrysler minivan 78k. It's got the 3.8 L engine. It apparently has two blowers for front and rear. The a/c works great. Blows ice cold. But the front blower cuts out after 10 minutes of running time. No noise, no issues, it just stops working. Rear blower and a/c continues to work. If...
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    Garage door openers

    Genie chain drive that was 13 years old passed away the other day. Had a lift master with belt drive installed. Included new motor, sensors, rail , outside key pad,inside key pad and two remotes for the cars. Was considering doing it myself so I sat down until the urge passed. Everything is...