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    Cleaning centrifugal advance anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone ever found a need to look at the centrifugal advance and had to clean it to restore smooth movement? I have 140k miles on my 99 Civic (D16Y8 engine) and it's been going great except for one or two points (~1,700 and ~2,700) where the power gets slightly lumpy, then...
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    Drill Adapter for Buffing

    Does any1 know where these buffing adapters for drills are sold locally (Canada or US, doesn't matter)? I would like to use it on my headlights with a plastic polish/cleaner. Will not use this on body paint. Thanks.
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    PCV Catch-Can and Oil Consumption

    How many people have tried to reduce oil consumption by installing a catch-can on the pcv line into the intake manifold to reduce oil ingestation? I've tried a new pcv valve, AutoRX, and now different brands of oil, thinking of a home made catch-can (air/liquid seperator for compressed air...
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    SuperTech Synthetic 5/10w30 specs?

    Anyone have an idea what the specs are for this oil? Cold crank, 40C, 100C viscosities, flashpoint? Search results are rather old and I wonder what the SM/A3 specs look like right now.
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    Maxlife Synthetic just went SM

    Saw mised stock @ WallyWorld today. SM still has the A3/B3 rating. But wondering what happened to the add pack, ZDDP, Moly, Calcium? PDS I found is still for the SL with a very robust add pack (3000ppm Ca, 1000+ppm ZDDP, ~290ppm Mo)
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    Where to buy Val Synpower Oil Treatment in Michigan

    Wally world doesn't have it, so I checked with Valvoline and they referred me to a local Distributer (Vesco) who are still checking for me. I'm looking in the S.E. Michigan area. Anyone? Thanks.
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    Civic VTEC motor oil advice

    I am a newbie here and been doing alot of searching/reading recently. I have a 99 Civic Coupe EX/Si US/Canada (D16Y8 1.6l SOHC VTEC motor) with 116,000 miles on it. I've used M1 5w30 winter and/or 10w30 summer since 20,000 miles or so. Right around 100,000 miles, my engine has started to consume...