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    NAPA - PUP $19 per 5qts after rebate

    WHEN YOU BUY 10 QTS OF PENNZOIL PLATINUM® Pick up 10 quarts of Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oil in store or online, and you'll get a $25 gift card...
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    Avett Brothers

    Just letting everyone here know that if you have never really listened to the Avett Brothers, you are missing out. Powerful life stories in the lyrics, harmony that is straight from Heaven, I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to find them. Literally dozens of songs that are "my...
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    How to fix Piston slap

    from this site: Please note this topic is correctly placed in the Humor forum. Steps 1 and 2 seem pretty simple and straight forward, should only take a few minutes :ROFLMAO:
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    Total Wireless "customer service"

    Just bought a new phone for my son and decided to add him to our Total Wireless plan - currently have 2 phones on the plan. Was told by the chat "customer service" person that my plan only allows for 2 lines so I need to start a new plan that allows for 3 lines. Ok, I set up the plan with 3...
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    FORD 8.8 TO 7.5

    My 8.8 rear end in my 2007 mustang gt is going bad...went to a local junkyard today and found this. It is a 3.31..just like mine. Will everything bolt up correctly? This is from a 2007 GT-same as mine
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    Rear End nightmare

    Last winter the rear diff on my 2007 Mustang GT started whining, got worse over the course of a couple of months so I bit the bullet and took her into the local Ford dealer. They wanted $2600 to rebuild the diff, I said your nuts. Went to a local trans shop and they said $2400 for a...
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    CoWorker got carjacked

    Last night a coworker of mine (and close friend) got carjacked as she pulled up to her apartment. She lives in a fairly rough part of town and she is a cute 23 year old girl that weighs maybe 95 lbs. The scum (don't know if it was armed scum) took her car, phone, purse, keys and left her...
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    STIHL blower 23 year review

    Many of those fancy websites have 30 day and 1 year reviews. Today I started up my Stihl BR400 for the 8 millionth time (not sure, just guessing). I DID buy this blower new in 1998 or 99, not sure which. I used it in my commercial lawn care biz where it saw daily use, sometimes 4-5 hours per day...
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    Spark plug photos

    Pulled 1 plug this morning, thought you car nerds may enjoy it. Plug on top is one that i removed after 60k of use..the one on botttom is after around 20k use
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    Ginko Tree

    Every November I love our Ginko tree even more. Planted it about 15 years ago.
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    The Devil We Know

    Now available on Youtube. This is the best documentary that I have ever seen...but I am quite biased since it is about my hometown. If you love Dupont products, do NOT watch it because you will feel insanely guilty every time you purchase something from those lying corrupt murderers in the...
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    2007 Mustang knock or exhaust leak?

    Hope this video works... 2007 Ford Mustang 4.6L 87k miles, solid maintenance since I purchased 2 years and 32k miles ago. When cold I get the noise in the video, it is definetly in the lower part of the engine, it almost sounds like it is coming from the transmission. Car runs smooth and...
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    Clip On rear view mirror

    The rear view mirror in my Mustang has some weird corrosion going on all around the edge on the glass part, it does not impair my visibility but it looks like crap. I absolutely will NOT remove the part where it connects to the windshield, I don't need the hassle. I thought about trying to buy...
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    Best Vanity Plate

    Sorry for the terrible pic...License plate is GRZZWLD
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    When is it time? Repairs every week....

    In the past couple of months I have repaired on the 2009 Ford Flex with approx 115k in my signature: 1. Front right wheel bearing - it was getting really loud. 4 hours around $100 for the part 2. 1 Fuel injector - was getting misfire codes. Thought it was a coil, took hours to diagnose...
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    Oil pressure gauge install headaches

    My 07 Mustang GT with a 4.6L has a dummy oil pressure gauge in the cluster so I wanted to be able to see the actual oil pressure. Ordered a cheap electric oil pressure gauge with sender from Amazon and installed it today -- it took me 5 hours🙈. First when i took out the factory sender I...
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    Cylinder 2 misfire cause found...what?

    The adventures of BIG FLEXY continue. Last week she got a new wheel bearing and i guess she wanted some more drama. Yesterday i was at work and wife called me saying her 2009 Ford Flex was bucking like a bronco. I have replaced the same ignition coil twice on this car, both times using a cheap...
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    First wash since October

    This my Daily driver, 60 miles every day...its been a cold wet winter...just gave her a quick wash after I got home from work because its 60 degrees out.
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    First time replacing a wheel bearing 2009 Ford Flex

    The wifes Flex had some noise a few months ago when i last drove it and i meant to check it out...never did. Last weekend we drove to a friends house and the noise was significantly worse. I have never experienced a failed wheel bearing in my 31 years of driving but I knew thats what it was. The...
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    Motorcraft 820s cut open

    I do not have an oil filter cutter so i cut this open with a pair of with a pair of tin snips.