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    Premium "conventional" or bargain "synthetic"

    The reason we have synthetic oils is thanks to aviation industry and the turbine engine. The invention/engineering of a Synthetic was to meet the demands of the jet age! That technology trickled down to the automotive...
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    New Quaker State and Pennzoil @ Walmart

    I haven't bought QS since 1997, but this junk was on clearance at my local WM for $2.78/qt. I bought about 20 quarts and will use it my Golf IV 2.0 and an old worn out 5.3 LS which it'll be more than good enough for. Would I run Wal-Mart oil in a newish Porsche? No way; but if you've got a...
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    Replacement windshield advice?

    Fuyao has been utter Garbage in my experience. I've had 4 of them in my 2006 Silverado since I've owned it. Does anyone know of another supplier? The first was installed at the dealer 8 years ago, the 2nd & 3rd were done by Safelite and the 4th I had an independent shop do. The indy guy said...
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    Off-Road CV Grease

    SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease Hands down this is the best grease for CV joints. I worked in a race shop and it's all we ever used.
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    Valvoline Maxilife ATF in GM tranny=problem?

    That stuff sucked in my 2001 Accord. After about 5,000 miles the tranny started acting up, I drained and filled w/M1 then but the Honda Stuff back in, tranny was never the same since adding the Maxlife, sold the car...
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    LOOK what MMO did to my pistons!!!!!!! and MORE!!

    Well I ran a 2 tanks of Shell Vpower w/4-6oz of Acetone through my tank, then a tank w/Techron (20oz bottle), and I'm about halfway down on a tank with 1/2qt of MMO. Well today I go to change my plugs/cap/rotor and when I pulled the plugs out of the car there was Zero oil or Carbon on the...
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    Auto-RX and X1-R???

    I just purchased 5 containers of Auto-Rx and when I got the Invoice it was sent for N.Nova Rd in Ormond Beach, FL (right down the street from where I used to work). Coincidentally the Oil Additive Company X1-R is based only a few miles south in Daytona Beach (on Bill France blvd). I'm curious...
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    Diesel rated oil in gas engine, Why Not?

    They probably said it because, it's not energy conserving rated. Political.
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    What to do with "lightly" used oil

    Drain it into a clean container and put it into another vehicle. A lot of Miata guys run 3K on M1 or GC then dump it into their Ford Trucks and stuff.
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    Is all Motorcraft oil a syntheic blend?

    I'm curious who makes the Motorcraft oil? I mean it has to be just some repackaging; right? I put some 5W-20 in my Girlfriends mother's Escape in exchange for a hair cut. Figured it was a fine oil for her application, and it was only $9.xx for a 5qt jug at O'Reilly's.
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    Difference between Mercedes-Benz spec 229.3 and 229.5

    I'm running the BC (Belgian Castrol) in my Mercedes, BC is also sold at Autozone and is a 5W-40 opposed to the 0W-30 GC. The 5W-40 states right on the FRONT in large print of the bottle that it meets MB229.3 and 229.5, it also meets BMW and VW specs as well. I run the GC in My Miata but the...
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    Help a newb, Green vs Gold?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Having followed this product pretty closely (actually, both GC and M1), I'm convinced it's just a "right oil -- right engine" thing. Even the legendary GC is not right for all engines, some (a few) don't seem to react well to it (high strung 4 cyls come to mind). Anyway...
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    What filter are you using

    1992 Mazda Miata 1.6 inline 4 Purolater PureOne GC (Syntec) 0W-30 3,000miles 1982 Mercedes 280e 2.8 inline 6 Mann/Hengst Drop in Oil Filter BC (Syntec) 5W-40 (haven't had it long enough to change) 1995 Nissan Pathfinder 3.0L V-6 SuperTech (Champion Labs) Shell Rotella-T 5W-40 6 months apprx...
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    GC in my 280E Mercedes??

    ^ That's the oil I used to run in all my VWs and we ran in our Miata VW Race Cars, but the "Red Top" seems to not be available anylonger (at least around here). I picked up 8 Quarts of Belgian Castrol today the 5W-40 and am going to run that with a bottle of Motor-RX through it. I'm also going...
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    GC at AZ only??....

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Syntec 0w-30. THAT'S RIGHT!! Non other than our beloved GC. I thought it was too good to be true so I checked the date code--M0501-- YES!! The GREEN!! <img border="0" alt="[Happy]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/fruit.gif" /> <hr /></blockquote>I thought the...
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    Engine Flush

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Warstud: <strong> This may sound stupid, well maybe not exactly considering what concoctions some members put in there crankcase. Anyway the other day while cleaning my greasy hands with the hand cleaner GOOP I wondered how well it would clean an...
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    GC in my 280E Mercedes??

    Hi, I have an 82 280E Mercedes. According to the Specs listed on the GC bottle it meets spec called out for my Mercedes. But in my Owners Manual it says I should use a 20W-40 or 20W-50 oil for my climate 0*C +up. I use the GC in my Mazda Miata and the engine loves it (nice and quite HLAs)...