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    Traded the TDI and went polar opposite to a GLI.

    dareo, I just found out yesterday that my 2016 GSW was recently bought - I'd sold it to Carvana in June 2021 for $11,947 72k miles - went for $17,990. My March 2016, new purchase price - $18,500 L O L Carvana has 2015 TDI GSWs for over $20k. Crazy market. They couldn't give away GSWs back in...
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    Got a chance to buy a Maverick

    OP - can you buy any PHEV (plug in hybrid) at MSRP near you, and fully utilize the federal tax credit? If so; buy one. Order the Mav hybrid or wait to find one at MSRP. Sell the PHEV at that time. The tax credit and any other incentives (check with local/state/utility/etc) will offset your...
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    EV propaganda this is interesting John Deere

    ^Yeah, it'll be a forever lease. Turn in your EV tractor for the latest model. Get OTA updates, etc. Brave new world out there! (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse)
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    EV propaganda this is interesting John Deere

    Also, regarding "EV propaganda" being used in the title. I'm 100% sure that if I posted a thread stating "oil and gas propaganda," it would get shut down as political. Maybe BITOG is scared that they'll be no more endless engine oil debates when all vehicles are driven by electric motors!!! lol
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    EV propaganda this is interesting John Deere

    Some people get free charging at their workplace. That's an easy sale to them. Some apartment complexes have chargers or will have them soon. Try selling me a gas-guzzler with $4-6/gal gasoline.
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    Bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla

    On a $3k vehicle that is basic transportation - you keep it running. You don't make it look nicer (paint correction, really?) and do unnecessary work - just keep it in reliable, running condition. *shrug* I actually probably would have flipped it for $8k, with $0 extra work, in this market.
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    Upgrading to a more efficient truck

    Funny - you bumped an 8 month old thread - the gas cost has recently skyrocketed and a more fuel efficient vehicle would have a short payback now! I vote for sell the vette, buy a Prius Prime, sell the Taco, buy (or wait for prices to come down) a used, cheaper, larger truck.
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    Rav 4 Prime?

    Heard this week that Ford won't be building my Escape PHEV in April, as estimated when I ordered in January. Who knows when I'll get my Rav replacement! But... just lack of depreciation and insurance on a second vehicle can pay for any car rentals we'd need in the meantime - which has been none...
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    Rav 4 Prime?

    Gotta save those electrons for the MPGe!!! Lack of lighted controls did not bother me one bit, but I agree that the interior was basically the same quality as a $26k Rav - and the seat fabric felt much cheaper and thinner than my 2016 VW - that car felt well put together for under $20k. Hope...
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    Any hybrids with an IC engine that can be turned off?

    OP lives in an apt - economical vehicle should be the default. Save your $ and invest the difference.
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    Rav 4 Prime?

    ...and its gone. Sold the Rav4 Prime to Carvana for $46,4xx (MSRP was $41,883) in Feb. Also collected $7500 tax credit for 2021 taxes. Have a Ford Escape SE plug-in on order. Minimal options and price. Should get it for ~$2k under MSRP (X-plan + student $750 incentive). Not sure how long I'll...
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    Axios- Used car market gets even more bizarre

    Oh no! Prices are high and inventory is low - quick lets buy something! This is the thought of so many consumers currently. Whether TP, meat, or vehicles. American consumers are not the best at planning for the long term, so it just drives the cycle to be even worse.
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    Rav 4 Prime?

    Yeah, I had to cash it in this year with the increased value instead of holding out for 1-2 more years. I view my Rav4 Prime as a "bridge" vehicle to get me into something I plan to own longer term and with a lower price! With the tax credit, I can sell it and recoup all my depreciation (and...
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    Rav 4 Prime?

    With a skybox on top our hybrid mpg drops to 32 going from sea level to Tuolumne. Identical to what the old VW wagon got (turbo gas, no HV-battery!) That car really was a CUV alternative. I do like accumulating all the regen miles coming down from the mountains, though. I just think its awesome...
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    Rav 4 Prime?

    Prime bump! Dareo will remember that I'm a sucker for deals on vehicles and track expenses closely. My first new car was due to VW's dieselgate giving me an awesome deal on a new GSW. So when I saw that my 2016 GSW kept increasing in value... I told myself, if it gets to $12k I'll sell it and...
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    can you imagine.....ugh

    Do mullets not mesh with electric vehicles?
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    Spotted 2021 Mustang Mach-E today at grocery store

    Tesla + Accord hatchback Also the fake UFO noise is required. Our Prius Prime does it up to 22-23 mph and even loader in reverse. There' s speaker in the grill area for it. Annoying, but don't want to run over someone after disabling it and face any liability, so on it stays.
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    Home Auto Repair Question

    Zoning Ordinance for your local City/County will tell ya. Or give an email/call to your Planning and Development dept.
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    OPE in California

    Great! Vehicles are clean, time to work on the next set of items. A rake and broom stir up less dust than stupid blowers and emit zero carbon emissions! Push mowers are also a good workout. Battery options available for large lawns (cue midwesterners saying how they could never live without...
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    Hybrid Cost

    They are THE most economical new car to own, for anyone who drives average to above average annual miles. Safe, well-featured (finally Android Auto for the '21 LE!!!), and very reliable. Nice score. You can likely trade it in for a new model next year and MAKE money... (y)