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    RockAuto UltraPower Oil Filter 57086-Pleasant Surprise

    Purchased several UltraPower 57086 cartridge oil filters as part of a belated Christmas present for my daughter (I know…what a great dad, right?) for the 08 Volvo XC70 with about 190K miles on it. The filters showed up in a nice looking “SuperAuto” box. The filter cartridge and O-ring was...
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    Traded Dynalube D5315 for a Mahle OX 149 D (filter change only)

    Noticed that the 06 Volvo V70R (with 262.9K miles) was dripping oil, so decided to investigate. Turns out that oil filter housing (cartridge filter type) was leaking slightly. That’s not so unusual if the O-ring is not changed out with each oil change. However, this one was changed last oil...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Check your Brake Lines!

    This Public Safety Announcement is brought to you by GM...My 05 Buick LeSabre suffered a rear brake line failure this evening during moderately hard braking. Fortunately this happened close to home. Sort of embarrassed about this since I normally check my vehicles over pretty well when doing...
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    Can a 2005 Volvo go 300K Miles easily?

    Answer: Yes. So my son's 2005 Volvo V70R passed the 300K mark recently and figured it was time to celebrate, share some things about this car, and review these Rs in general (We have three in the family, the others are an 04 with 225K and an 06 with 259K). First and foremost, this car doesn't...
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    Honda FILTECH A01 10.5K pics

    Just finished running the A01 version of the Honda oil filter (Filtech) thru two oil changes. This was the first time i have run a filter for two oci's. Very happy that i did given how it looked and its integrity. This is actually the last A01 filter i have after buying a multipack online a...
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    PH7575 Filter C&P

    My first post. Good reading on here. Figured i would contribute with some pics of a PH7575 that was used on Kohler 26HP twin cylinder engine on a MY2006 GS6500 Craftsman Garden Tractor...has 600 hours on it. Got a stash of these filters on clearance for 75 cents at Tractor Supply couple years...