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    Tires for highlander for light off roading?

    Running a 2008 Highlander and I was going to get these: FALKEN WILDPEAK A/T TRAIL 245 /65 R17 107H SL RBL - $500 now $800 !!! I see that they've jumped in price by about $300 in the past year or so! These seem to have a good road noise rating. Continental TERRAINCONTACT A/T - SIZE: 225/60R17...
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    Outer tread wear / worn sipes bad for wet weather driving?

    I went into discount tire to have my TPS reset. I commented that I was aware that my tread depth was for 4/32 and probably on the cusp of needing new tires and the associate commented that the outer tread was worn devoid of sipes and my wet weather traction was now zero. Obviously comparing...