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  1. Fabulous50s

    Why are DI cars dirty?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why manufacturers are all flocking to DI. The sooty intake valves, and the smoke on startup baffles me. This is cleaner and more efficient? I see so many GM products emit a black diesel like cloud on cold start-up. PFI on the same vintage cars doesn't do...
  2. Fabulous50s

    What to put in outdoor Diesel Generator

    I'm installing a 3ø 26Kw diesel generator for a customer. This is a used unit with a mechanical John Deere Saran 4 cyl engine. It is from 1996. This is a N/A engine. It gets -30F here, and this is just a sheetmetal enclosure outside. It has a coolant heater, and I'm contemplating an oil pan...
  3. Fabulous50s

    Peak 10X

    Surprisingly little information out there on 10X. Peak seems to be pushing this as a replacement to the PGL. Will it replace IAT and what kind of inhibitors does it have?
  4. Fabulous50s

    Some muscle car era Toploader fun

    This is a Ford designed transmission manufactured by Tremec in the late 70s. This is the weak overdrive one which is only good for 300HP or so, where the real 3/4 speed ones were good for 500 supposedly. Anyway took this one apart to replace 2nd speed gear and the associated 1-2 syncronizer...
  5. Fabulous50s

    Some of the most satisfying redults: Mcguires Ultimate Compound

    This was done entirely by hand. I first used Dawn dish washing liquid and several hot water rinses and lots of hand scrubbing on this 1988 paint job on my '59 Ford. It took roughly 8 solid hours to do the entire car....which has at least the same amount of surface area as a 3/4 ton truck. I...
  6. Fabulous50s

    Classic car coolant

    I have a 59 Ford Galaxie which I have spent many hours restoring to a #7 driver. I have had it on the road for 2 years and had a water pump weep last fall. It is a used aftermarket one. After the engine rebuild I simply used the house brand green coolant mixed with 50% distilled water as I...