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    2023 Toyota Sequoia looks nice

    As many of us expected, a new Seq. Is coming with that hybrid turbo powertrain. Look good, better than Tundra. I want one. I am too cheap to buy one but its tempting.
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    Discount Tire Credit card My Synchrony rant

    I like to keep a Discount Tire credit card mainly for rebate purposes and also to utilize the 0% for a few months. I used it for the latest snow tire/wheel purchase on our Kia Carnival, on black friday. Paid 1/3 of the bill 3 days later. Today i get an email saying my payment is past due...
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    Coconut and Palm Oils, food grade vs not?

    Does anyone know what makes Coconut and/or Palm oils food grade or not? If someobody came into possession of many gallons of non food grade coconut and palm oils would you dare use it for cooking?
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    People fighting over new cars while older used cars languish on the market

    I’ve been watching the new car market all year long. People are obviously paying too much for new and a few year old vehicles of all types. The interesting thing about this is the glut of cheap older cars still on the market. Im talking about 10+ years old they are just going for nothing even...
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    2006 Yukon XL, a 2021 Perspective

    I impulse bought a 2006 Yukon XL 2WD SLT. The good old 5.3 liter V8 before any cylinder deactivation and a 4L60E transmission. This one checked all the boxes of a good used car. It lived it life in Texas. 2nd owner before me owned it for 10+ years, huge stack of maintenance records, even a...
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    Got in line for a Trail 125

    Recently placed a deposit for one of these retro classic bikes. The dealer said it could easily take a year. It's got fuel injection, disc brakes, and that classic style. I will ride it around 25 mph streets or less and off road. I don't want to get turned into hamburger by all the clueless...
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    2022 GMC Sierra 1500 info is out

    I am really liking the AT4X at least until i saw the price. It’s a classier ZR2. Looks like the 2022 line ranges from $32.5k all the way past $80k! Hard to believe the same platform can have such a massive price range. Interior looks much improved. What does the bitog consortium think?
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    More Honest Truck Ads

    Editing classified ads to be more honest: Post your own if you want, no personal info of any kind, and do not edit the prices/mileage.
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    Somebody's trailer came off on I15 today...

    So heading northbound, in left lane, i notice a small green metal trailer rolling down the freeway 2 lanes to my right. It came unhooked from some SUV. What a crazy experience watching it flail about and flip over. Somehow, the empty trailer pulls itself over and doesn't kill anyone. They...
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    Lamborghini Countach Hybrid 2.64 million dollars

    In an effort to cut my greenhouse emissions i have placed my order for the new Countach Hybrid. V12, hybrid, only 2.64 million estimated price. It was hard to decide on a color so i got a white one and a black one. Anyone else order a few of these?
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    95 Ram 2500 Power Steering Fluid, Chrysler MS5931? Or...

    My new to me 95 Ram 2500 diesel, non hydro boosted brakes, has some reddish/brownish color fluid in the PS reservoir. Who knows what is in there but it doesn't steer great. Could be just because its a Dodge and their steering is not great. Chrysler MS5931 is what was recommended back in the...
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    Oops, i bought another truck, 12 valve cummins

    I was just going to live without a truck, maybe buy a flat trailer. I completed the sale of my 16 GMC 1500 and two hours later this little guy showed up online: An early 2nd gen 12 valve 2wd auto with just over 200k and a virgin P pump. Slow 160 hp/400 tq factory rating. Faded paint and a...
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    Maybe i should post this in Humor...Truck Price

    2017 regular cab work truck with 111k miles for 39.9k. Go ahead, build the same thing brand new on and its like 41 grand. Who wants a halfway worn out 6.0 when they could just wait for a new 6.6 gas truck to be built.
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    New trucks, summer 2021, spend my money!

    It's looking likely that my 1500 6.2 max tow crew cab will sell in the near future, for a high price, because that is the market now. I'd like to have more towing and payload, so i'm thinking of an HD truck. I need to decide if i want to order brand new and utilize a dealer to do an in and out...
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    Should i sell my truck? (Get a "real" truck later)

    Just pulled NADA on my 2016 Sierra Crew SLT 6.2 max tow truck. Clean Retail is now $41,300. It's been flying up over the past 6 months or so. To me, its the perfect half ton truck. However, i will be having a 3rd child this fall and its intended use will not be used for a while. We take it...
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    I-15 on a Saturday. (worthless rant post)

    So we loaded up the Carnival to travel to the fabled Apple store, about 30 miles away. (Had to buy the wife that new purple iphone 12 mini of course) This freeway has 70-75 MPH limits. So people interpret that as Hey lets go 60. or Hey lets go 99mph. We also have a double lined HOV/carpool...
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    A Bigger Wagon. 2022 Kia Carnival SX Purchased.

    After a tough battle between a Pacifica Hybrid and the all new Kia Carnival, a victor emerges from the brutal battles taking place in the white hot Mini Van Market. Everyone wants mini vans these days. Trucks and SUVs are dead, people would rather walk than take sedans anywhere. They move the...
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    Buick Regal TourX Essense Final Review

    I guess i should write up a quick review on the Buick Regal TourX. We had the pleasure of owning it for nearly 2 years and 12.5k miles. It was a dream on the highway. Quiet, smooth, planted to the ground, capable of high speeds with confidence. The cargo in the back is very generous. It's...
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    What Minivan, 2021+, Pacifica vs Carnival

    So, i'm having a 3rd kid and have to buy a Mini van. Would you rather buy: Pacifica Hybrid Limited/Pinnacle-about 52-54k MSRP with HUUUUGE discounts/rebates/tax credit to arrive at about 36k cost after filing 2021 taxes. 2022 Kia Carnival SX at full sticker plus doc fee, and the only...
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    2022 Kia Carnival

    Totally new Kia Carnival is out now in very limited quantities. Enjoy the hastily snapped cell phone pics. It was snowing today but i wanted to see one before they were gone. I did go for a short drive down the road and it feels very light and nimble for a van. Interior seems to be super...