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    Any Mazda Turbo aftermarket filters Yet?

    My son has a 2018 CX5 turbo. He went to a Mazda dealer recently and paid 13.00 for the mexican made "value" filter. I went to another dealer and spent 12.00, but fortunately got a regular replacement filter (made in Thailand). Last Feb. I paid 8.00 at the same dealer. None of the major...
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    0W20 QS full syn has disappeared here, need options

    QSUD and QS full synthetic have been my go to oil for my Mazdas for years. QS 0W20 has disappeared from our shelves at Walmart and local auto parts stores. You can't order it from Walmart either. I like and use it for it's healthy dose of moly and reasonable price. I now need to find a hopefully...
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    Looking for a "very" sticky grease

    I have a 2002 nissan frontier pu. It uses steering stops (look like bolts) that have plastic caps on them. The caps continuously crack and fall off (I've even tried gluing them on). Some don't even last a year. They are getting harder to find and naturally getting more expensive. I have begun to...
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    2021 Mazda CX5 carbon Edition w/ turbo oil

    I have a one month old CX5 with a turbo. It's the first turbo I have owned but my 6th Mazda. Mazda pushed high moly content oils in my earlier cars (14 Mazda6 and 16 CX5). I used Quaker State Synthetic in both as it had the highest moly content for readily available oils. I'm leaving on a 4000...
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    2021 Porsche Macan GTS turbo oil

    My daughter-in-law just bought herself a new Macan GTS turbo. The dealer couldn't tell what oil to use other than saying Mobil 1 0w-30. After persistently contacting them they finally said it was Mobil 1 0w-30 ESP. I know Porsche really pushes Mobil 1 but I was wondering if Pennzoil Platnum...
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    Which ceramic spray wax has the best results

    I'm getting lazy in my old age and have been using Meguiars Quik Wax spray. I really like the ease of use and nice resulting shine for minimal effort (spray on/wipe off). The only downside is that the shine only lasts for a week or two. I've read that the new ceramic spray waxes tend to last a...
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    How long can I push this oil fill?

    I bought a 02 nissan frontier almost a year ago. I immediately changed the oil when I got it with 5w30 conventional valvoline and a wix filter. The truck is only used for light local hauling and grocery getting. I've put just over 2000 miles on it since buying it. I was initially thinking of a 4...
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    Tucson Trips

    I have to make several round trips from Denver to Tucson this summer. I'm expecting 100 degree outdoor temps for most of the way. I will be driving my wife's 2014 Mazda6 (that only has 35K miles on it) because it gets close to 40 mpg on the interstate. I plan on driving straight thru (+/- 900...
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    Wix vs Champion Supertech Quality

    I have been using the now replaced Wix Supertech (PN 6607) in my two Mazdas. Is the new Champion made Supertech filter as good as or better than the Wix Supertech filter? I ask because I'm down to my last old filter and need to stock up again. I use a 5-6K mile OCI if it matters.
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    Appropriate oil for 2017 Golf R

    My son recently got a new Golf R (beautiful car by the way). My other son has a 2013 GTI and I parted with a 2009 GTI not to long ago. VW no longer provides free factory maintenance on 2017 cars (have to pay for diesel-gate I guess). My GTI and my sons 2013 got free oil changes for 3 years or...
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    Looking for single oil recommendation

    I have a 2014 Mazda 6 and a 2016 Mazda CX5 both with 2.5 liter motors. This is the first time I have owned multiple cars having the same viscosity (0w20) requirements. I would like to use the same oil for both cars and since both use the same oil filter this could become a real piece of cake for...
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    Mazda Skyactiv oil

    I have a 2016 Mazda cx5 that's now ready for it's first oil change. I bought it at one dealership but have warranty work done at another due to distance from my home. The service department I bought it from indicated that I needed to use a high moly oil and strongly recommended using only...
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    Oil for 2014 jeep Compass

    I'm trying to help a neighbor who inherited a 2014 Jeep Compass (2.4L) from her mother. She said the oil indicator/computer is telling her to change her oil. The car has 8000 miles on it and this may be its first oil change. I looked through the owners manual and there's no mention as to what...
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    Subaru low oil light

    First post but I'm a long time lurker. Last Sunday I changed the oil and filter on my 2012 Impreza with FB20 motor. Since then, the low oil level light has come on several times so it's currently grounded in the garage. Oil level is fine if not a tad over the upper fill line/hole. I have never...