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    XG10575 ~4700 miles

    Here is a follow up 4,700 miles later to my last post. Link <a href="" target="_blank"></a> It was convenient for me to change it at this time. Filter...
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    XG10575 5,100 miles

    Fram XG10575, 5100 miles, oil monitor still was showing 36%, Pennzoil Platinum 0w-20 in a 2015 5.3 GMC 40,223 miles at change, ran sense beginning of last June. Reason for a short run is because I'm not sure on maintenance history sense the truck is new to me. Filter did great, as expected. <a...
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    Orange can fram in a 2004 stratus.

    Guys how long would you run an orange can fram on a 41te trans cooler line? I don't think it's so much as a mileage but a time frame that concerns me. Are those filters good to go for a year or say 18 moth in that kind of aplication?
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    6L80 external filter, follow up

    Finaly got done with installing a filter on my 15 model GMC. I posted a write up on gm truck forum and I'm just gona simply copy paste it here. This is my original post asking you guys about doing this: <a...
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    Any one installed an external oil filter in one of those transmissions? Dropped the pan on my 2015 sierra with only 35k miles had a nice coat of metal glitter built up all on the inside, magnet was pretty loaded as well. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still, makes one wonder if an external...
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    '16 Road glide fluids change

    Bike is coming up on 10k. Need advice on engine oil choice. Here is what I have on hand that was bought last summer on sale VR1 20w-50 4 quarts VR1 Syn 20w-50 2 quarts Syn power 20w-50 1 quart What would be a good combination to run those in and interval? Filter is Fram ultra #3614...
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    want a FRAM's XG6607 larger cousin

    What would be a larger filter to replace xg6607? This thing is tiny. I have never seen a filter so dang little. I know its probably all in my head that something that small will be fine for 10k miles but if I can get filter 3 times bigger for same price I might as well use it. Its going on to a...
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    Nissan 7 speed

    Any one know what the quick connect adapter on Nissian/infiniti 7 speed auto trans fill tube is? Car is coming up on 100k and I doubt anyone ever changed it. I don't want to pay 300 bucks for a pump to change fluid once. Also do I really have to pay dealer $15 a quart for "special" Nissan fluid...
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    LEM #12 meat grinder grease

    What type of grease should I fill that grinder with? The thing comes with MIM looking gears that are supported by 608 sealed bearings. Fit and finish looks fine on those gears. Fairly good set up grinder. I ran it for maybe 30 minutes so far and want to change out factory fill grease that looks...
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    Harley fork oil

    What would you guys recommend for fork oil in a 07 softail? 75% of the time I'm by my self other 25 its two up. Thanks
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    Gun lube

    After searching gun boards for a good lube for my rifles handguns and not finding much I remembered this place! Most of the discussion on gun boards about lube/cleaners is "I use brand xxxxx and it works". No one really goes in to details of why and how well, not like you guys here. So my...
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    Mobil 1 5w-20, 5451m on oil, 06 ranger 3.0

    Hey gang, been a long time. Recently did UOA and results got me puzzled. Fist UOA I did on this truck when it had 13k on it and numbers looked great. Now 2 years later truck got 54k on it and 2nd oil analysis came back not so good. Here is what Blackstone had to say: <span...
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    need help with choosing oil

    I want to use German castrol in my Ranger but I cant find 5w20. Only thing it comes in is 0W20. I was wondering if it will be ok to use it in fords 3.0. Also, why is it that ford uses atf in there manual transmission and transfer cases? Seems to me that some kind of gear oil would be alot...
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    Amsoil EaA filter

    I had this filter on my 06 ranger for a bout a year now, can't complain. Recently my daily commute includes some driving on the gravel road (very dusty) and I have to clean the filter every week. The Amsoil website says to use 20-25 psi air pressure to clean it. However, for some reason I do...
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    what oil for 06 ranger 3.0

    Traded my Jeep for newer truck. Got me 06 ranger 3.0 with 5speed and 4000 miles on it.. Was wondering what type of oil would be good in it for 10k miles ( or if it's doable at all). Currently I got it filled up with M1 5w-20 and coming up on 5k oil change. Should I go ahead and do UOA on it or...
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    Oil bypass using 12vdc oil pump?

    What are your thoughts on using pump like this one <a href="" target="_blank">;autoview=sku</a> to set up a oil bypass system, where it would tap in...
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    2003 Grand Cherokee 4.0 M1 10W-40 3762mil.

    Got the report today. The sodium is high but it's not antifreeze though. I was watching it really close and level didn't change from last oil change. I'm lost to where it's coming from. Any way here is the report, tell me what you guy's think Blackstone: Sodium improved in this sample. The...
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    thinking about relocating oil filter

    Thinking about relocating oil filter for couple of reasons. First is that original equipped one is to small and hard to find around here. Second is that only thing I can find is fram and and K&N. Don't want to use neither of them and dont want to pay 12$ for them. Thinking to use bigger filter...
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    Pennzoil Platinum 10w30 Jeep 4.0 4150m.

    EQUIPMENT MAKE: Jeep EQUIPMENT MODEL: 4.0L Inline 6 cyl FUEL TYPE: Gasoline (Unleaded) OIL USE INTERVAL: 4,150 Miles OIL TYPE & GRADE: 10W/30 MAKE-UP OIL ADDED: 0 qts ADDITIONAL INFO: BlackStone: Based on this first sample, we think your Grand Cherokee is in good shape. Universal averages show...
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    america freedom to fascism

    Link removed. No political posts, please.