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    Oil for 2021 Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv 2.5L Turbo

    Hey guys, I'm getting a new Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv 2.5L Turbo and I'm not sure what oil I should use. I'd like a 0W-30 to help with faster oil flow and easier startups in winter, but I'd also like a higher HTHS and TBN oil to protect better for 10K Km intervals. A 5W-30 would also be good. It will...
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    04 VW 1.9L PD-TDI, Elf DID 505.01, 12,000KM

    <b>Vehicle:</b>2004 Golf 1.9L PD-TDI, 5-speed, CAT fuel filter, ProVent CCV filter. 30,000KM currently on engine, oil used between 18,000KM and 30,000KM. <b>Oil:</b> Elf Excellium DID, Mann filter, 0.25L top-up oil. 12,000KM interval. 1st oil change at 5,000KM with Elf Excellium DID, 2nd oil...
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    05 VW 1.9L PD-TDI, Elf DID 505.01, 13,000KM

    <b>Vehicle:</b> 2005 Golf 1.9L PD-TDI, 5-speed, CAT fuel filter, ProVent CCV filter. 23,000KM currently on engine, oil used between 10,000KM and 23,000KM. <b>Oil:</b> Elf Excellium DID, Mann filter, 0.25L top-up oil. 13,000KM interval. 1st oil change at 5,000KM with Elf Excellium DID, 2nd oil...
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    02 Passat V6, Redline 5W40, 13,000Km

    Oil used was RedLine 5W-40 for 13,000KM interval. 6-quart sump capacity, 2 or 3 quarts of top-up oil used as the engine burns some oil. Previous oil was either RedLine 5W30 or 5W40. Daily driven in Toronto winter, 50% city 50% highway. One bottle of RedLine SI-1 injector cleaner was used close...
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    Fuel Power: OK to use more than recommended?

    I use Fuel Power in my Golf TDI as per Terry's advice. It has a 55L tank but I regularily fill up with 60L (15.8 gal). Diesel quality isn't the greatest here, so is it OK to use 4 ounces per tank instead of the recommended 3 ounces (1 ounce per 5gal)? Does it do anything or am I just wasting the...
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    Redline 10W-30, 01 Honda Prelude, 7500KM

    Car: 2001 Honda Prelude, slightly modified (intake, exhaust, fuel leaned 2%). Daily driven in summer, 7500RPM shifts on a regular basis. Interval includes one track day on a road course (average 7000RPM for about 1 hour, only 1st to 3rd gear used). A few canyon runs, redline shifts and...
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    VW 505.01 Oils

    I've read this in a TDI Club forum thread, and I was wondering if there's any truth in this (regarding VW 505.01 oils being Group III as opposed to true synthetics): <i>The problem, as I understand it, is that some constituents of some fully synthetic oils can break down under the extreme shear...
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    VW Passat 4Motion - tranny fluid?

    I need to change the fluids in my parents' 2002 VW Passat V6 4Motion. It's 4 wheel drive with automatic transmission. What tranny oil and rear end oil would be the best for this car? I assume the tranny oil lubricates the front diff, but I'd need to change the rear diff oil as well. The car is...
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    2002 VW TDI - Amsoil S3000 5W-30 HDD - 15000KM

    This is my girlfriend's 2002 VW TDI, 1.9L turbo diesel, 5-speed manual transmission. Absolutely stock. Driven daily in Toronto, lots of stop-and-go traffic, about 70% city, 30% highway. Started daily in winter, stored outside. Most of the gas used was Sunoco Gold with occasional cheaper diesel...
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    RedLine 5W-30 VOA - WearCheck Canada

    <blockquote>code:<hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">CONTAMINATION Silicon 17 Potassium 0.0 Water (%) <0.1 >5µm 1300 OIL CONDITION Boron 2.3 Barium 1.1 Calcium 2634 Magnesium 9.7 Molybdenum 640 Sodium 18...
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    Stuck coilover sleeves & Amsoil HD Metal Protector

    I used Amsoil Heavy-Duty Metal Protector spray on my coilover sleeves last year, and now I can't move them. They are seized, but obviously there's no rust. What should I use to dissolve the Amsoil Metal Protector so I can move the coils? Heavy duty brake cleaner can't handle it, it's not...
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    Motul 8100 0W-40, 7K KM, 2001 Prelude VTEC

    2001 Honda Prelude, 2.2L VTEC, 5L oil capacity, Amsoil SDF-20 oil filter, 70,000KM on engine. Oil used was Motul 8100 0W-40 Ester, 7000KM on current sample, previous oil was Amsoil 10W-30 ATM. NOTE: I forgot to take sample while oil was draining into the pan, so I had to take sample from...
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    Mobil 1 TriSyn 10W-30, 01 Prelude VTEC, 10,000KM

    2001 Honda Prelude, 2.2L VTEC engine, 45,000km on the car, 10,000km on oil, Mobil 1 10W-30 TriSyn (NOT the new SuperSyn), burned maybe half a quart, regular street driving, 60/40 hwy/city. Hit VTEC (over 5,400RPM) at least once every drive. Air filter is stock paper filter (just changed it at...
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    Coolant temperature drop at idle - problem?

    Ever since I changed my coolant on my 2001 Honda Prelude 2 months ago, the coolant heats up fine and temperature stabilizes at a bit below mid-point on the stock temperature gauge. Yet when I stop and let my car idle for about 2 minutes, the coolant temperature needle drops about 2mm down. After...
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    Amsoil 10W-40, VW Passat V6 4-Motion

    Oil & filter: Amsoil 10W-40, 10,600 KM on oil, 50% highway, 50% city, lots of stop-and-go traffic. 0.5L topup. Filter is the OEM VW/AUDI filter, very well made, rated for 30,000KM or 2 years. Vehicle: 2002 VW Passat V6 4-Motion, 5-speed auto, 40,000KM total. <blockquote>code:<hr /><pre...
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    What is TAN?

    What is TAN and what does that say about an oil? I recently did a VOA on 2 oils, Motul 8100 0W-40 and Amsoil Series 3000 5W-30. Motul TAN: 0.48 Amsoil TAN: 2.12 Is that indicative of anything?
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    Motul 8100 0W-40 Ester

    This is a VOA done by WearCheck Canada. The oil is Motul 8100 0W-40 Ester. <blockquote>code:<hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Silicon 5.9 Boron 1.5 Calcium 1256 Magnesium 857 Molybdenum 0 Sodium 1.4 Phosphorus 831...
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    Cold cranking viscosity VS actual viscosity?

    What is the difference between the Cold Cranking apparent viscosity and the actual viscosity at the same temperature? For example: GC 0W-30 CC Viscosity @ -30C: 3200 cP Viscosity @ -30C: 6767 cSt Amsoil 0W-30 CC Viscosity @ -30C: 2993 cP Viscosity @ -30C: 3821 cSt The actual viscosity is...
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    SG rated oil?

    I was thinking of running Motul 300V 5W-40 in my car. This oil is top-of-the-line Ester racing/street oil. <a href="" target="_blank">Here are the specs</a> This is an SG rated oil. What does that mean exactly? Thanks.
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    2001 Honda Prelude, Amsoil S2K 0W-30

    Car/conditions: 2001 Honda Prelude 5-speed, 2.2L VTEC engine, 3% fuel lean using air/fuel controller, paper air filter. 9,000KM interval, 49,000KM on engine, daily driven in winter in Toronto, cold starts, occasional 7,400RPM shifts, 2 x 30KM of highway driving every day, 40% city, 60% highway...