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    Which of these would result in less IVD for GDI?

    Which of following oil would help reduce IVD for T-GDI? A) 5W30 1.3% SAPS 5.6% NOACK B) 5W30 0.8% SAPS 10% NOACK
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    Benefits of higher SAPS?

    What's benefit of using full saps - LL01 / MB229.52 oil over mid SAPS? By high SAPS, circa 1.2% vs 0.8% for mid-saps (API SP/GF6 / D1G2)
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    Kia Stinger Coolant

    Does anyone know which coolant the Stinger uses? Specifically the 3.3TT model. The manual says to use a glycol coolant which is as ambiguous as it can be LOL. I know the colour isn't always a proper indication - However the liquid in the coolant reseviour looks green which I think is mostly...
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    Ph balamced high suds wash

    What's the highest sudsing ph balanced auto wash shampoo? I tried meguiars NXT and cleaning wise it's good but it doesn't provide enough suds for a lubricious wash.
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    When will ACEA 2021 occur?

    When will ACEA A7/C7 oils be released? My Kia recomends ACEA A5, however it's very hard to find an ACEA A5 oil that's formulated to prevent LSPI (SN+, SP, GF6 etc) ACEA A7 is expected address this issue.
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    70-80% PAO

    The oil currently in my car since April 2020 is made from approx. 70% PAO, 25% modern additive, 5% esters I'm usually a 6 months OCI guy, but in theory at least should oil with the above formulation better maintain viscosity, resist oxidation for longer OCI? Car is new purchased in May 2019...
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    Moly vs non-Moly oils

    I have noticed Molybdenum in oils in the ranges of 800ppm, 50-100ppm and many with zero. Reading on the rather significant benefits of Moly, what is in place in oils with zero moly? Would it be fair to assume that oils that contains moly are better than ones with none?
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    Oils wothout Moly?

    Theortically are there too many drawbacks of having 0 ppm molybdenum? Does Moly have any disadvantages?
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    SN-Plus VS Dexos1-GEN2

    Which is better at eliminating LSPI, IVD and turbocharger coking? Assuming only one could be chosen over the other..
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    C3 VS GF5

    Both 5w30 Which would be better for a TGDI ? ACEA C3 or ILSAC GF5 ?
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    Never using a 40wt oil again!!

    Just drained the 0w40 oil and replaced with a 5w40 Woahh my car now revs and accelerates so lively. The 40wt slugs the engine and surely saps power. Didn't think the oil could make so much difference. The manual recomends both 5w30 and 5w40 I used 0w40 which is meant to be the best out there..