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    FF's...we just got our FEMA grant!!

    Woohoo!!! My dept today got our official notice of our FEMA grant for PPE. We currently have all different brands of old air packs and our turnouts are at least 10 years old. We are going to use the grant to standardize with new carbon cylinder air packs and PBI turnouts, both badly needed.
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    04 Mustang GT MC 5w20 3,062 mi.

    Just another great Motorcraft 5w20 report...Motorcraft filter used. Alum 3 Iron 8 Copp 1 Moly 41 Boro 196 Sili 15 Sodi 2 Calc 1972 Magn 9 Phos 699 Zinc 863 All values not listed are zero. Viscosity @ 210 is 49.1, @ 100 is 7.01, flashpoint is 395F, fuel <0.5, zero water or...
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    Fram Sure Grip

    Do any other readily available filters besides Fram and Advance Auto have the rough grippy surface? I just today installed a TG2 on my Mustang for the simple reason the sure grip makes the job much easier. So far so good, no start up noise and quick oil pressure from a cold sart.
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    Meet Mustang Sally ( my wife) ! !

    I guess I'll be calling Lin that for a while. We just bought her a new '07 Mustang V6 premuim auto in redfire with the Pony package. What a sweet car! I love the 1960's styling inside and out. And it runs strong for a sixer. I'm leaning towards yellow bottle Pennzoil 5w30 ($10 for 5 quarts at...
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    I get to do 2 oil changes tomorrow !!

    Both my Fords are getting near the 5K/6 month interval and I'm off tomorrow and its gonna be sunny and 80 degrees! Both get Motorcraft 5w20 and Motorcraft filters.
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    New (to me) Mustang

    Hi, I just purchased a very clean 2004 Mustang GT 5 speed. The car has extremely low miles and the dealer provided the first oil change. I'm sure I will stick with Motorcraft 5w20 and Motorcraft filters. I will do a UOA after the car hits 10K and post results.
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    Question...used oil vs. tires ???

    Without going into embarrassing detail, lets just say I made an oil change boo-boo and drove my car through a puddle of used oil. I discovered it a few hours later and washed the tires with a soapy solution best I could. Will this exposure lead to a premature death to the tires?
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    Niagara vacation....opinions needed.

    Hi guys. My wife and I are planning a vacation to the falls in Sept. We already booked our hotel (Ramada Fallsview tower) and have our birth certificates. Any suggestions as to good, reasonably priced food? Also, best place to park cheap when at the NY side state park. Planned activities are...
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    Local garage underfilled my tranny...dmage ?

    To make a long story short, I was trying to do a good thing for our Cavalier by having the pan dropped and a new filter installed with some fresh fluid. I let a local garage with good word of mouth handle the job instead of the dealer (my first mistake). I drove the car home (25 miles highway)...
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    New Mustang V6...anyone own/driven one?

    After years of wanting a 'stang and not being able to own one for practical reasons, I'm soon going to be able. I have decided on the V6/manual as I don't have to have a V8 and the car, gas, taxes and insurance are cheaper. Any first hand opinions? How do they sound and handle? I have not test...
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    Used Mustang GT question

    I have always wanted a Mustang GT and am for the first time financially able to buy a late model used GT and still keep my 4x4 Ranger for bad weather. My question, is there any good way to tell if a car has been driven hard? I imgine some people who buy a Mustang v-8 probably run them hard...
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    Silly tom cat

    Does anyone else have a silly tom cat? This little guy adopted us a couple years ago as a kitten on our doorstep and he's matured into a very even tempered, good natured cat that seems to enjoy being goofy. Not at all like my moody female adult cat.
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    Wife's car and short trips...advice?

    My wife is taking a transfer at work that will have her working 1.5 miles from home. She currently drives about 15 miles one way so I never had to worry about lots of short trips. I will keep driving her car at least once a week to my job 26 miles away, but the car will be seeing mostly short...
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    How often to wax the car's finish?

    The products I've used say the wax can last up to one year. I've been doing it twice a year, in the spring and fall. Is it really necessary to wax more often than twice a year to protect the finish? We do get some snow and road salt from December through March.
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    2005 Cobalt coupe...

    My local Chevy dealer just got some of these in and I have to admit I found myself staring at a silver model. I really like the coupe's lines (much better than the sedan) and the round tail lamps. Very sweet for a $15K car. If I didn't like having a truck so much I think I'd get a silver one...
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    6 month intervals with dino or blend?

    With gas at over $2/gal. I am driving my wife's Cavalier to my job as much as possible. The result is that I'm not putting many miles on my 4x4 Ranger. I know 4K miles is no problem for Havoline 5w30 dino or Motorcraft 5w20 blend. If it takes me 6 months to get to that figure in the Ranger, does...
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    03 Cavalier, Chevron/ Havoline 5w30, 4235 miles.

    I used 1 quart of SL rated Chevron full synthetic 5w30 that I had lying around and 4 quarts of Havoline SM 5w30 dino. First row is most recent sample, second row is 10w30 SL Havoline from 10/20/04. Element 3/25/05 10/20/04 Alum 2 2 Chrom 1 0 Iron 6 5 Copp 1 1 Lead...
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    Scored some MC 5w20 at Wally...

    My local Wally had an extra/disco. oil section I hadn't seen before and they had several bottles of SM/GF-4 MC 5w20 for $1.52/qt. I got 8 quarts and am thinking of gettimg more. I use it in the winter in my Ranger since it has cold flow properties that rival some full syns.
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    Cat diesel in a pickup ?

    I wonder if this has ever been attempted by any of the major American heavy duty pickup makers? I would think that a yellow motor and the 'Cat' badge on the fender would be a great sales tool. The Cummins name seems to have worked for Dodge.
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    Ford 3.8 OHV vs. Ford 4.0 SOHC....

    Any data to support which is the most reliable, trouble-free v6 engine? I would really like a new Mustang (probably won't get one for reasons discussed in another post) and choosing between a 04 and 05 partly involves choosing between these motors. Any help appreciated.