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    GL4 Tranny Fluid

    I've been using SF with GREAT success, but alas, there won't be more soon. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> Does Schaeffer offer GL4? I believe Amsoil and Redline do. Thanks!
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    Subaru WRX Wagon vs Mazdaspeed 3 Wagon

    Just curious if anyone owns either one could give me some opinions of them. I'm leaning toward the WRX for the AWD although the 3 has more HP and Torque (but it's FWD). I know I will just have to test drive both, but I'm still wondering what others think/know. Thanks!
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    Any Attorneys

    willing to give a member some quick advice?
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    Havoline 10w-30, 3,275 mi, 99 Saturn 1.9 DOHC

    This is the 2nd run with Havoline. The previous run (which was not tested) was for 1862 miles--I needed to flush out the "water" which had been found in the previous analysis. The UOAs are listed from latest to oldest. I had been using Schaeffer's but the wife only drives 3.5 miles roundtrip...
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    Schaeffer's 7000 15w-40--9703 mi (1 year)--99 Saturn SL DOHC

    <blockquote>code:<hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Miles on Unit: 117,133 Miles on Oil: 9,703 Cu: 25 Fe: 87 Cr: 1 Al: 8 Pb: 3 Si: 5 Mo: 165 P: 1294 Zn: 1732 Mg: 15 Ca: 3816 A/F: .0 Fuel: N H2O: .3 Visc: 15.71 SAE: 40 Sulfur: 38...
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    Where to Buy Vampire Pump

    Hey All, I saw Easy Vac's site and they have some pretty sexy pumps. Anyone know where I can get one online? Thanks!
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    20w-50 vs 5w-50 Oil Consumption

    I've been using a 15w-40 and started to consume just a bit of oil (.5 liter/600 miles). Puff of smoke on startup and take off (only sometimes on the take off). Car is turbo with 170k on the clock. Valve stem seals are probably shot. I have already done the A-Rx (2 treatments with great...
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    Pay Pal Question

    I've noticed that FP/LC and now S/F use pay pal. Once "verified" can one still use credit cards to "send" money? The site infers you will use your checking/savings account. I don't feel comfortable with that since P/P can and will be hacked someday. Credit Card companies will protect after...
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    Schaeffer's 7000 15w-40 6600mi Honda B16

    Here's my 1st UOA. Some background...engine is JDM installed last October with 35kmi...I figured it was probably 40k <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="images/icons/frown.gif" /> I did an Auto-RX cleaning as soon as I picked up the car after the swap. Then I rinsed with...
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    Auto-Rx and Turbo Seals

    If my turbo seals are going...spraying oil, will Auto-Rx help? Anyone with this experience? Thanks!
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    Used #131 to clean out intake, failed emissions with high CO

    Hi Everyone... Emissions Test here in Texas failed my baby today. Before I changed my oil this morning, I undid a vacuum line and used a bottle of Neutra to clean out the intake. Lots of white smoke, later dissipated; changed oil. I drove 20 miles to the testing station and failed the test...
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    GC good for Honda MT?

    My manual says to use 10w-30 in my '93 Civic manual transmission. (Honda MT wasn't around in '93). I am going to put in a couple oz's of AutoRX to clean, then refill with either a Syn or GC. I'm thinking GC should fit the bill...comments?
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    Schaeffer's 15w-40 vs. Mobil 1 15w-50

    I'd like to thank everyone for being here and helpful. I've learned a lot and now have a good question... I did the Auto-RX on my '93 Honda with 140K, ran smoother and cooler...afterwards for 1500K, I used Mobil Super1500 15w-40...plenty of pickup...then I switched to Schaeffer's 15w-40, and...
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    SuperTech Filters

    Are all of the filters made by Champion stamped "AA". I was going through some of the ST filters at Wally-World and found that some numbers are indeed stamped "AA" while others are not. The ones that were NOT stamped felt lighter and looked different in construction. Just curious, is it...
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    Schaeffer Old Stock?

    I just purchased a few gallons of 7000. I'm reading the label and it says SJ approved and not SL. What's up with that? Is the label (packaging) that old? I actually saw the rep take them out of cardboard cases that were shipped to him that day, so I'm a bit confused. When did SL come into...
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    #7000 15w-40

    I was browsing the Schaeffer site and found it odd that this oil IS NOT CI rated? Why wouldn't it be? Thanks!
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    20w-50 vs. 15w-40

    I have a '93 Civic (140,000) & a '87 Ramcharger (150,000) and I live in the desert of West Texas. I have always run 20w-50 and never had a problem. I'm AutoRXing at present, and am curious how Schaeffer's 15w-40 or DELO 15w-40 (or M1 15w-50 if I go full syn) will perform as compared to the...