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    Infiniti Q50 (VR30DDTT) | can't make up my mind on oil...

    Both tunes use the same VD30DDTT engine and recommend 0w20 oil. This particular engine runs the oil at 160-180f and with other provisions in place can accommodate low viscosity oil. If HTHS was the main concern, why not use a 25w60 oils with high hths values?
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    Hyundai V6 Engines

    The bucket tappet setup is still quite popular. The Toyota ones used in the AZ series never required any adjustment.
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    Infiniti Q50 (VR30DDTT) | can't make up my mind on oil...

    Nothing wrong with a good 0w20. The general consensus is that 0w20 oils actually have a greater proportion of PAO/GTL/G3+ in the blend compared with 5w30 etc Try 400hp.
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    Infiniti Q50 (VR30DDTT) | can't make up my mind on oil...

    Forget about oil. VR30DDTT is a very nice engine.
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    2022 KIA Soul 2.0 Choice of Oil & OCI

    There's nothing wrong with taking it to the red line ever once in a while, in hindsight it's actually beneficial for the motor in certain regards. However, to preserve function and longevity of engine and transmission, common sense must be applied such as ensuring proper fluid levels, operating...
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    Longest run on Iridium plugs?

    Real pain to get to the rear plugs on transverse mounted V6's
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    Talk Some Sense into an Oil Thickie?

    That particular engine was probably not engineered to to make use of xW20 viscosity oil. Knowing Hyundai they probably specified it because Toyota specified too.
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    kia engine issues...really serious or overinflated?

    Kia 1.6t with 30k miles has been flawless so far and I have no reason to believe overall longevity will be any less than the comparable Toyota. However in terms of design, tactile quality and driving experience H/K are a cut above Toyota.
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    2022 KIA Soul 2.0 Choice of Oil & OCI

    Not only applicable to Kia Soul. Example, those who complain about oil consumption probably drive in a way that is very hard on the engine and drivetrain.
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    2022 KIA Soul 2.0 Choice of Oil & OCI

    I'm sure oil is a factor. However, those worn out examples could have been subject to jack rabbit starts and abuse on a daily basis for 100k miles?
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    Kia changed oil viscosity recommendations

    There was no mention of LSPI affecting engines of a specific displacement?
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    Kia changed oil viscosity recommendations

    Why would LSPI corelate with displacement?
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    Decided to Try Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax

    Tried the Meguiar Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax and it did not impress. All waxes are a compromise between shine, surface tension and durability. This did not really excel or stand out in any of the above however it was the easiest wax to to buff and remove excess that I've tried Shine/Gloss >...
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    Kia changed oil viscosity recommendations

    I'm certain the plus designation for API SN was for LSPI mitigation. Basically reduced calcium and increased magnesium additives. Unsure the extent the Stinger is vulnerable to LSPI, however it's Turbo/DI which are subject to LSPI, therefore best that precuations are taken.
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    Kia changed oil viscosity recommendations

    U The smartstream is a new engine with completely reworked internal with focus on reduced friction and drag. Therefore it's probably designed around 0w20 viscosity.
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    Kia changed oil viscosity recommendations

    LOL typical Hyundai/Kia ambiguity. It's the attention to detail, or lack thereof which holds them back.
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    Kia changed oil viscosity recommendations

    What i currently use. A3 and LSPI quenching combined. Not very common. Didn't know they spec A3 oils for it, as the manual states 5w30 viscosity meeting ACEA A5 spec or above. I'm guessing the upcoming ACEA A7 spec will be suitable.
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    Hyundai - oil recommendations from dealer

    I do agree on the bump soaking. The Toyota TNGA platform soaks up bumps incredibly well on the current Corolla atleast. However the steering is typical Toyota lifeless and the overall handling much the same. Typically Toyota's are smoother and Kia are more tactile in feel.
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    The Kia Coupe (Koup) SX detailing thread (progress/updates)

    Nice car. Daily driver of a 2014 Koup. They're very solid.