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    Goodwood top ten from this weekend ?

    I enjoy watching this every year, but this year I was impressed with the new kid on the block. Top time was from the Mcmurtry SpeIrling electric car. Good night, it was almost cartoon like speed out of it. I was glad to see all those vehicles there to turn a wheel in anger, I'm no fan of...
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    Fully Formulated Coolant and old radiator

    Is a 'fully formulated coolant' like Fleet Charge or Zerex Heavy Duty Green safe to use with an old copper/solder radiator ? The application is my older (1989) Bolens/Iseki diesel tractor.
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    Valvoline cerulean grease data ?

    Is there a source for more data on this ? I looked at what they've got online and it seems incomplete. I'd like to use this in my small tractor and it's inexpensive enough and readily available. The manual only calls for NLGI 2, no other spec. I'm sure it's probably fine, but I'm tending to...
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    coolant and oil suggestion ?

    I'm looking at flushing the cooling system in a late 80's Bolens/Iseki tractor with a Mitsubishi K3A diesel in the springtime and changing the oil. I'm pretty sure it has just plain old green antifreeze in her now. Would I be better served with something like the Rotella ELC coolant in it ...
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    new tractor - what transmission/hydraulic oil ?

    I got a new to me Bolens/Iseki diesel tractor. It calls for SAE 80W oil for the shared transmission/hydraulics. The transmission is manual not hydrostatic. What's the right fluid to replace this ? I'm thinking it would resemble Hy-gard more than anything, but that's only a SWAG.
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    damage from broken belt

    I was out mowing with my Craftsman GT last night and the ground drive belt let go. It managed to wind itself back in between the drive pulleys on the engine making a mess. Bent up 3 pulleys, a fairly hefty mounting plate and the bolt for the electric clutch. It was a Gates belt, and I got good...
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    Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5w30 and SN rating

    I found this on the shelf yesterday at WalMart. It claims to have an SN rating per the API donut (no ILSAC star) Is there any reason other than cost to not run this in a gas engine calling for SN rated oil if you aren't using an extended drain ?
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    a different sort of pizza

    I had a thought a couple weeks ago about General Tso's pizza - that sauce, bits of plain chicken, mozzarella on a pizza crust. I did find some others making this on Reddit when I did some looking. I finally got around to making one tonight and the whole family enjoyed it. I'd like to find a...
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    Festival of Speed at Goodwood

    I'm dying for the pre-war cars to run tomorrow morning. Anyone else watching ? What are your favorites ?
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    Grease darkening quickly on bicycle bearings

    I recently changed the grease in my bike pedals from a plain white lithium grease to Valvoline GM/Import. I flushed the bearings and bushing out and have greased them 2x since. The Valvoline grease seems to be darkening much more quickly and becomes thinner than the previous grease did. I...
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    grease for bicycle hubs/bearings ?

    So I finally finished up the tube of Phil Wood grease that I bought years ago for my bikes. In looking at replacing it, I've noticed that none of the 'bike specific' grease lists any spec other than thickness (usually a NLGI #2). They are also about twice the cost of other grease that comes in...
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    T6 5w40 for SnowKing 8hp ?

    I'm trying to catch up on maintenance on an old (25 years) snowblower that had been neglected. I've run a couple changes of Pennzoil PP 5w30 in her. Both seemed to get dark very quickly. Would I be better off with an oil like Rotella T6 ? The manual calls for 5w30 in the temps it usually...
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    P gasket vs flat ?

    I've got an 09 Subaru with the 2.5 (non-turbo) and am running my first Wix (57712) on this car. I'd run Wix on my old Outback with no problems. Until this oil change, I'd been running OEM Subaru filters I got when I bought the car. The OEM filter has a P-type gasket, the Wix gasket is flat...
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    T5 over the winter ?

    I got a deal on Rotella T5 last week, and was planning to use it in a couple pieces of OPE that need that grade (10W30). My garden tractor is coming up on a change as well, and thought I might use that in it too. It has a Kohler CV20, but I also plow snow with it thru the winter. (I'm in...
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    should I use my last Purolator Classic ?

    I've read on and off with the issues with tears in the recent Purolators, and it's got me wondering about using the last one I've got. Should I just figure I'm out a few bucks, and ditch it, and start into the Wix/NAPA filters in my stash ? This seems like cheap insurance. Then again, maybe...
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    pulley bolt keeps loosening

    My 99 Craftsman GT keeps having the crank pulley (Kohler 20HP Vertical shaft) bolt loosen. I've pulled it out, checked the threads, lock washer is intact, cleaned it and installed blue Loc-Tite, but it still comes loose 3-4 times a season. I do try to check it regularly, but when I miss it...
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    5w30 vs 10w30 in a Kohler V-twin ?

    Kohler recommends using 5w30 below 32 degrees, and 10w30 above. Wouldn't both have the same viscosity at operating temp ? Why do they not like the 5w in all temps for their v-twin ?
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    oil change on possibly neglected snowblower ?

    I've come into an older ('88) snowblower with an 8 hp Tecumseh Snow King engine. The oil is dark looking, and I've got no real idea when it was last changed. It runs fine, but I'd like to change the oil in it. I'm thinking any detergent oil might make a problem for the seals, but especially...
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    what oil for a subaru legacy ?

    I've got a 2009 legacy with the non-turbo 2.5l engine. I live upstate in NY, so it gets pretty cold here (-10F or sometimes lower). I usually use M1 5-30 in the Suby, but have been tempted to try Shell Rotella T6 (5-40) because of the lower price. Would that be acceptable over the winter ...