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    Which hot dog is the best? Blind taste test

    Zweigles, usinger or ones from the butcher shop in town. The other ones tend to bother my stomach. I figure that's a note to avoid the ones that big me..
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    Cars that should not be a 4 door.

    I've sadly ridden in the back of a Porsche 944. I'd say if there isn't enough room for an adult in the back, it should always be a 2 door. WRX should be a 2 door. Same for Mustang Camaro and Corvette. Some cars shouldn't even have doors. How about a door less Miata or BRZ convertible ?
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    Still crimping RJ45 plugs??

    I see problems with self made cables consistently at work. We end up with techs using the wrong rj45 ends for the cable, untwisting pairs, making split pairs and many other simple mistakes. The process to do it right is straightforward, but people rush it. TDRs have come down in price...
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    Clutch safety switch purpose?

    I didn't wreck the garage, bit I did roll my dad's 70's dodge colt wagon into the back of the neighbors car by keying the ignition switch when I was about 5. I suppose I could have hurt someone or actually managed to get it started, however, there was only a scuff to the cars, and a swat on my...
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    Is Jump Starting Still A Viable Practice?

    The only failure I've seen from jump starting a vehicle were with my sister's car that her idiot neighbor hooked up backwards. I don't see how it should be any different than a regular start if done correctly. 12 volts ish at the right polarity should be transparent to systems in a car.
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    Goodwood top ten from this weekend ?

    I enjoy watching this every year, but this year I was impressed with the new kid on the block. Top time was from the Mcmurtry SpeIrling electric car. Good night, it was almost cartoon like speed out of it. I was glad to see all those vehicles there to turn a wheel in anger, I'm no fan of...
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    Anybody never use a car wash?

    I do use the wand wash places over the winter here to get the salt off here and there, but otherwise the cars get hand washed by me.
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    What are your favorite aircraft . Fantasizing which would we like to own ?

    How about the B58 Hustler ? Slightly more realistic would be a Lear 55
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    Bike Chain Maintenance

    I run the park chain scrubber about monthly with mineral spirits, scrub the cassette and chainrings with an old toothbrush. Give it a wipe with a rag and let dry overnight. I've been back and forth on lube, I've used white lighting, but it got gummy after a while, atf, and tri-flow. Way back...
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    Bike Chains: Longevity & Quality

    Chains do have that much variation. I've had better life from Wipperman and KMC. If you don't let the chain get way out of spec, it does save chainrings and cassettes.
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    Any Good Roku Channels ?

    I like watching some youtue channels on the roku. mostly ones that have content that a phone/tablet doesn't do justice. (like the great lakes bulk carrier channels)
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    Features you do NOT like on new vehicles?

    Giant key fobs, touch screen entertainment controls, auto stop-start. The key fobs kill me, why do they need to be the size of a golf ball ?
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    What's your favourite rifle?

    It's not fancy, but I really like my Savage 340, in 30-30. It was my Grandpa's. The only thing that would make it better is checkering.
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    Whats your ultimate sleeper?

    How about an old Subaru Brat with a WRX underneath?
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    Does anyone else wish…

    I've been down the rabbit hole too. I try hard to remember, in the end, perfection is the enemy of good. I don't always succeed with that, but I'm trying. I'll never find a perfect filter, but apparently the ones I've used are good.
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    New pair of Lake road bike cycling shoes, extra wide

    I love my wide Lake shoes! I picked mine up on sale and replaced a pretty new set of Garneau shoes. Never looked back.
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    Oxygen sensor failures, gas station related? White ash on sensor?

    I remember a few years back, Pilot had issues with high sulphur content in its gasoline. It caused problems with fuel level senders and O2 sensors. If I remember correctly, they ended up repairing those issues for customers with problems. I don't know what the failed O2 sensors looked like...
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    With gas prices climbing I think it's time to bring back the

    I was thinking Stanley Steamer. My great uncle had one, I wish he'd hung onto it.
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    Classic car coolant

    There are some vendors that publish their ASTM D1384 and D2570 results. Those should show the coolant's behavior on metals they will likely contact in the cooling system. Aim for the one with the least corrosion of the metals that you're worried about, and meets the other specs you need.
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    Great bass playing in a song

    Cake had some decent basslines - that's the only reason I like their take on Gloria Gainer