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  1. john_pifer

    Sources for Objective Information on Home Mortgages

    My wife and I are just starting the process of looking into getting our first house (great timing, yeah, I know) and, while I’ve bought several cars, home buying seems like a totally different ballgame, and, admittedly, I’m pretty ignorant on the subject. Obviously, we’re going to need to...
  2. john_pifer

    WRX vs. Elantra N vs. Civic Si vs. GTI

    Good comparo video by Savagegeese on the 2022 WRX vs Elantra N vs Civic Si vs GTI. Personally, I think, at $30,600, far less than all but the Civic, which has a lot less power and performance, and no AWD, the WRX is the best deal in the sport compact segment.
  3. john_pifer

    RANCHERO! With Bonus - 2022 WRX

    I’m in Memphis helping watch my nephews while my sister has an abdominal operation, and, while here, during a couple of hours of free time, thought I’d take the Tacoma over to Discount Tire because I’d noticed a rear tire out of balance. While they were working on it, I thought I’d walk next...
  4. john_pifer

    Another Interesting Vehicle. Australian?

    This was on I-65 south in Nashville Sunday. I think the plate is Australian.
  5. john_pifer

    Spotted an Interesting Vehicle at Kroger in Germantown, TN. Over the Weekend.

    Would have loved to get a look under the hood and inside the cabin. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time researching it, but i read that some of these have a 24-volt electrical system, and they were available with a few different engines, including a beastly 4.8L I6, which I read is popular for...
  6. john_pifer

    2020-2022 Explorer Recall - Roll-Away Events Possible
  7. john_pifer

    Texas State Troopers Begin “Waistline Enforcement” I think it’s a good idea. Controversial, but I’ve never thought cops who were overweight and out of shape could do their job effectively. Good for Texas State...
  8. john_pifer

    Mike Tyson Punches Drunk Guy On JetBlue Flight

    Iron Mike said a fellow passenger harassed him and threw a water bottle at him on a JetBlue flight scheduled from SFO to Florida. Sounds like drunk guy got what he deserved. Some might say Tyson should...
  9. john_pifer

    Severe WX/Storms - March 30, 2022

    Anybody getting bad weather currently? Temps were unseasonably warm here (80+) today, and we got a lot of high winds. Several 18-wheelers blown over on I-40 east of here. Currently sitting at work waiting for our electricity to come back on (I work aircraft maintenance, 1600-0230). Management...
  10. john_pifer

    New Shotgun Day - Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde!

    If you saw my recent thread about the Mossberg Mariner Marinecote you knew I was looking at shotguns. Well, seeing that Mariner on sale spurred me into doing some research into what else was available, and by the time I got ready to buy, Sportsman’s Warehouse was all sold out. But after doing...
  11. john_pifer

    Bad News for Sport Compact Car Fans - Subaru Kills the STi

    In what was a very disappointing Friday afternoon news dump, Subaru announced that a high-performance version of the new-generation 2022 WRX won’t be produced. I cant help but to think that the decision to cancel the STi was greatly influenced by the negative (to put it mildly) reaction to the...
  12. john_pifer

    Mossberg 590 Mariner Marinecote 12GA 3" Pump Shotgun (20") - $589

    Saw this advertised in the Gundeals newsletter, and remembered @billt460 posting a few years ago about the Remington Police Marine Magnum, how good of a job he did describing that shotgun, and I've wanted one ever since! Unfortunately, nobody ever has one! Well, I haven't looked that much...
  13. john_pifer

    Anyone Own a Jetta or Passat TDI 6MT?

    I think it would be a neat economy weapon. What was the last year they were made, again?
  14. john_pifer

    Photos of the Set of Michelin Defender LTX M/S-2 I Just Removed

    They were on for 43,000 miles. The last set was the Michelin LTX M/S-2, which lasted 69,000 miles. I bought a set of the Defender LTX, because, they stopped making the LTX M/S-2 in this size (P265/75-16) a few years ago, replacing it with this. I was suspicious, but went ahead and bought them...
  15. john_pifer

    New Tire Day! Off: Defender LTX M/S-2. On: Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

    They’re being mounted at Discount Tire right now! After 2 sets of the Michelin LTX M/S-2 on the Tacoma, they stopped making it in the size I’m using (P265/75-16), so I went with the replacement - the Defender LTX. At the time, I can remember speculation on this board that the Defender LTX...
  16. john_pifer

    Interesting Article on the Crash of FedEx Flight 80 (MD-11)

    Interested to hear any comment/insight our resident airline pilots may have on the 2009 Narita tragedy, especially those who may have DC-10 and/or MD-11 time.
  17. john_pifer

    I Got On a Flashlight Kick

    Somehow I’ve gotten on a flashlight kick. As an aircraft mechanic working night shift, I often have the need for a good flashlight. A lot of the guys at work have Streamlights that they bought from the Snap-On tool truck guy, but I always knew they paid about $120 for them, and, while they’re...
  18. john_pifer

    Our Daughter Is Making an Early Arrival!

    Wife woke me up at 0800 and told me it was time. Original due date was 2-22-22. Our son was about 4 weeks early (he was born Jan. 3, 2021), but we assumed it was due to the wife’s car wreck in December of last year, when she was 8 mos pregnant. Britta had an appt with her OB doc yesterday...
  19. john_pifer

    Board Slowdown

    I’ve noticed a slowdown on the board in the last several days (delays when attempting to select a forum, trying to post…pretty much any command I enter is taking forever, with the yellow “delay” bar at the top frequently appearing). Anyone else seeing this? Is it a known problem?
  20. john_pifer

    For You Mercedes Guys

    Some friends of ours have a friend who let them borrow this for the weekend. This was about 7 months ago. I’m just now getting around to posting the photos. Honestly can’t remember what year the car is; all I remember is that it’s 1960s era. Engine is not original.