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    For all the F-14 lovers on the Forum.

    Well i was going to post a link to an F14 Pilot interview but the 'video is not available'. Sorry about that. Moderators may ditch the thread until i can sort it. Video was youtube and called F-14 Tomcat Sunset - "Puck" Howe
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    G48 or G05

    Hi. My 2008 Jeep with the Mercedes OM642 diesel engine requires a HOAT coolant. It is due a coolant change. Both G48 and G05 are available to me. Is one better than the other? Many thanks.
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    Mercedes 722.6 fluid advice please.

    Hi. Just done a partial fluid change on my Jeep. It uses the german manufactured 722.6 transmission. I sent some old fluid for analysis. Viscosity was fine with Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) 6.07 Copper was high Cu - 335 As was tin Sn - 22 This has been flagged up as possible bronze issue. Where...
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    Jeep W5J400 - Mercedes 722.6 ATF Analaysis.

    Hi. A little background information first if i may. I have a 2008, Diesel Grand Cherokee. It has the OM642 Engine coupled to the W5J400 Transmission. This is Jeep's designation for the Mercedes 722.6. The W5J400 was made in Germany by Mercedes. My Jeep has 102,000 miles on it. The fluid and...
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    AIM-54 Phoenix Missile. Was it really any good?

    Hi. As we have a community of F14 Tomcat enthusiasts on the Forum, i thought i would post another Vid for those who may have missed it. Apologies if you have already seen it. There has been some debate, as to how effective the AGM-54 Missile really was and how it would have performed in a real...
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    Does NAPA supply quality products?

    Hi. I have read of NAPA as a brand in America and have recently noticed they are now selling their products in the UK. They are very reasonably priced. I have just bought 5 litres of their Red OAT coolant and it was less than half the price of my local supplier called Halfords. Are they noted...
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    Super Tomcat 21.

    Hi. As we have a following for the fantastic F14 on this forum, i thought i would post the following video. It is made by Ward-Mooch-Carroll. He makes some really interesting aviation videos. A former F14 RIO. Apologies to those who have watched it. If you have time, try watch the...
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    F35-B Lost in crash.

    The Royal Navy has lost an F35B that was flying from HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean. Most importantly, the Pilot ejected and is safe and well. A very expensive Aircraft that is fitted with very classified technology is now at the bottom of the sea. I wonder if the Russians will try...
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    Can i mix G30 with a generic shop branded red OAT?

    Hi. Wife's Opel/VX Astra 1.6 had a major leak from bottom hose. The coolant it lost was just a generic, shop branded red OAT It needs bringing back up to strength and i...
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    Which ATF in a dual use Transmission?

    Hi. A few of the Multi fluid usage posts has me thinking. My Transmission was made in Germany by Mercedes. The casing says 722.6 on it. It was bolted onto a OM642 Engine, made by Mercedes, whilst still in Germany, then as a unit it was shipped to Magna Steyr factory and fitted into a Grand...
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    Best MB 229.51.

    Hi. Simple question. If you were required to use a MB229.51 Oil with a 5w-30 viscosity, which one would you use? I realise they all meet the minimum requirements laid down by Mercedes to enable approval, but which Oil goes that extra mile to give an outstanding product? One that goes over and...
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    Ward Carroll and 'The Final Countdown'

    Hi. Interest has been shown in this Film before, so thought i would post this for anyone who may have missed it.
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    Mineral, group 3,4 or 5?

    Hi. Did not want to take another post off topic, so i started this one. I read many forum members write things like 'this oil is a group 3' or 'that oil is a group 4'. My question is, how on earth do you know? Nothing is written on the bottle and when i asked one company they just replied...
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    Royal Navy an USMC F35B on combat missions.

    I see the new RN Carrier group has gone into combat against ISIS. It would seem the Russians are keeping a keen interest in the F35. I hope the F35 is living up to expectations. Here's praying everyone stays safe on our side...
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    F-14 RIO.

    Hi. Just a heads up really. TV in the UK is pretty Garbage. My Wife likes soap operas which i refuse to watch. Hence i like to read and watch interesting stuff on you tube. Came across a guy called Ward Carroll. He has put some really interesting stuff up. He was a RIO in the F-14. I know...
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    oooops! Nobody saw this happening.

    A little embarrasing for all concerned :) . Thankfully no injuries. Hate to imagine what would have happened had some of that debris found itself in the rotors...
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    Chrysler oil spec for 2002 Jeep 4.0 litre

    Hi. Apologies if this is a recurring question. I did a search but found nothing to answer my specific question. 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0. What is the Chrysler oil specification? No owners manual to refer to. I believe 10w/30 is the preferred viscosity, but this an unusual 'weight' in UK...
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    Dissimilar Air Combat. F3 Tornado.

    Hi. Military aviation enthusiasts are often interested in things like 'How good would aircraft X perform against aircraft y'. On that basis i thought i would paste a link to the following vid as it is a new one. RAF F3 Air Defence Variant of the Tornado 'fighting' such greats as the F14, F15...
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    Grey residue in coolant/expansion tank.

    Hi. I have a Jeep with OM642 Mercedes Diesel engine. I have recently noticed a light grey coloured residue in my plastic expansion tank. You can see it on the front of the tank. Anyone any ideas what this may be? The coolant itself is very clear with just the blue tinge of the antifreeze...
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    Jeep Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid confusion.

    Hi Guys. According to some Jeep forums there seems to be some confusion around the power steering fluid used in the 2005-2010 Grand Cherokee. These are the systems used by the 5.7 and 3.0CRD. Namely the ones where the power steering pump also operates the cooling fan. For years Chrysler have...