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  1. mbacfp

    Colt 1911 .45 ACP Model O *COMPETITION SERIES 80*

    Saw this on consignment at my local gun store/range for $1,800. Never been fired. However, it is an older Series 80 vs Series 70. Cannot find details online. Anyone have any details? Picture for reference. Didn't take picture of it, but looks like this. Appreciate it.
  2. mbacfp

    New to me John Deere Z915e zero turn mower.

    I purchased a used 2018 John Deere Z915e Zero turn mower and trailer from a gentleman here in Texas. It had 117 hours on it and in great shape. Completed oil/filter change (**** oil drain bolt was stuck). Used OEM Deere oil 10/30 and filter. Any other oil recommendations or should I stick...
  3. mbacfp

    Multi repairs under warranty and now after warranty question

    Truck is a 2014 Ford F550 Powerstroke Diesel 6.7 (Class C motorhome). Now has 35,000 miles. Purchased in 2014 and about 1.5-2 years developed an upper oil pan leak and repair was done under warranty. Approximately 2 months before the 5 year/60,000 warranty expired it developed another upper...
  4. mbacfp

    2014 6.7 Powerstroke P20BA Code

    On way back from a 400 mile trip, I got the dreaded P20BA DEF Reductant Heater A Control Circuit Performance This looks to be covered under a supplemental warranty extension, so I should be good to go. Anyone else have this happen? Scheduled for January 5th, but seems to be ok to drive and...
  5. mbacfp


    My wife and I are looking to move out of California. There are some job opportunities in education located in Texas: Frisco, TX McKinney, TX Plano, TX Celina, TX Farmersville, TX Anyone have any opinions or experiences with these areas? Besides more rain and tornadoes, I am unfamiliar with...
  6. mbacfp

    Hellcat got some new badges

    Decided to add some new badges to the Hellcat. The white, red, and black color contrasts are growing on me. Did the fender badge a while ago. Did the front and trunk badges two days ago. Hope everyone is well.
  7. mbacfp

    2018 Charger Hellcat 16,000 mile update

    Have 16,733 miles as of last night. This car has been an absolute joy. No oil consumption or smoke on startup since break in. This is my first "new" FCA product and these cars are well built. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. <img...
  8. mbacfp

    2018 Charger Hellcat 12,000 mile update

    Just hit 12,000 miles last night on my 2018 Charger Hellcat. Car has been a real treat so far. I had mentioned having a slight vibration between 77-80mph. I replaced the tires with Michelin PS4s and is smooth as can be. I have no modifications and plan on keeping stock. It is daily driver...
  9. mbacfp

    ScanGuage II and Powerstroke 6.7 problems

    My 2014 Ford F550 6.7 Powerstroke diesel (cab & chassis) has been having an intermittent wrench, oil temp sensor at random. Instrument cluster goes off speedometer, tachometer, oil temp, and no gear shift indicator. Truck still drives normal and eventually goes away. On my way home...
  10. mbacfp

    Considering Solar

    Got some quotes to get a new roof today as the paper is gone. I asked about Solar and besides calculating break evens (factoring in 30% Federal Tax Credit) and checking on fees from electric company, etc. is there anything else to consider? Will buy vs leasing. Not well versed in the...
  11. mbacfp

    2003 Dodge Durango R/T AWD front diff noise question

    Mileage = 103,000; purchased at 88,000 with unknown maintenance history other than what Carfax showed. Had my front and rear differential fluid changed prior to my last trip. Shortly after font diff is now making a moaning noise. Asked my mechanic who did it and said it sounds like a bearing...
  12. mbacfp

    Surface Prep best practices

    I am having trouble figuring out best routine for paint surface preparation. Say I want to detail again and surface probably has some residual wax, etc. Do I start with wax removal spray, then clay, then Iron X to remove any residual contaminants? What prep routine do you all do? Hope...
  13. mbacfp

    2014 Ford F550 6.7 Powerstroke type writer tick

    I've had this truck since 2014 and have put 26,xxx miles over those years. Changed my oil and put Mobil Delvac 5w-40 CJ-4 right back in again. Started engine and hear clicky-clack, clicky-clack. Never heard this sound before and remember all the threads on the type writer click. I officially...
  14. mbacfp

    Thoroughly Detailed the Car

    I am an amateur in this department, but have a couple of questions regarding the Claying process. I clayed the car and noticed a couple specs that did not come out, but came out with my finger nail. Should I use a more heavy duty clay bar for those areas? I clayed the best I could with a...
  15. mbacfp

    Dodge Magnum 5.9L engine hesitation, sputtering solved

    Car is 2003 Dodge Durango RT with the 5.9L Magnum V8 (99,000 miles). Last Saturday about 3 minutes after turning the truck on (all running smooth) truck out of nowhere begins hesitating, sputtering, etc. I pull over and 30-45 seconds later all returns to normal. No check engine light, oil...
  16. mbacfp

    How oil characteristics change throughout an OCI

    Are the cold properties of an oil reduced throughout an OCI? For example, 0w-20, if one is at 80% through an OCI does the 0w part degrade or become less effective in cold situations? Or is it's cold properties primarily due to base oil quality?
  17. mbacfp

    6.7 Powerstroke Cold Start F550 Question

    Was leaving from a camping trip early in the morning and temps were above 30 degrees farenheit, started truck and as I started to slowly drive away the center console flashed a wrench, oil pressure, and temperature icon in that order for about a minute or so then went back to normal. Can...
  18. mbacfp

    Made me Laugh

    My family asks me questions about different Dodge Charger trim and performance levels...saw this and found it hilarious. Have a great week all.
  19. mbacfp

    California Fires

    I hope this post finds everyone well. These are some photos from the Peak fire here in California, which was close to my house. Neighbor firefighter sent these to me. Fire ran up to freeway so quickly they had to dump water on the cars.