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  1. john_pifer

    Mobil1 european 0w-40 vs PP euro-l 5w-30 for WRX

    To the guys here who are very knowledgeable on the ACEA specs - Wouldn’t pretty much any C3 oil work well in this? I would think mid-SAPS would be a good compromise for protection and then minimizing IVD as well as protecting the cats if it burns oil? And pretty much all the ACEA C3 spec oils...
  2. john_pifer

    Where to get an oil change Nashville

    I’d suggest Woodard Automotive on Dickerson Pike. Havent had them change my oil, but I needed a set of brake rotors turned, and a friend recommended them. They did a good job. Since then, I referred a friend of mine to them who needed rear axle seals and bearings replaced on his Titan, and my...
  3. john_pifer

    Dead: Nissan Maxima. -Jalopnik

    They got too big and heavy around 2001 or so. Possibly a bit later. I had an ‘87 5-speed. Good car for its time. About the size of a modern Sentra. The ‘89-‘94 was my favorite - especially the SE variant with charcoal leather, 5-speed, sunroof, and Bose stereo. I think the SE was the only...
  4. john_pifer

    Who Knows About Aviation Paint ??

    Yep, the Ardrox is what we use. There’s Type 1, which is thinner, and Type 2, which is thicker and spec’d for use in areas where corrosion is likely to start (gear wells, frames underneath galleys/lavs, etc). AV-8 is Type 1, and AV-30 is Type 2, while AV-15 can be used in place of either, so...
  5. john_pifer

    Who Knows About Aviation Paint ??

    The main brands used on the Embraer regional jets I work on are Axon, Hentzen, Eclipse (Akzo-Nobel). The exterior paint coatings on airliners is some tough stuff.
  6. john_pifer

    Quaker State 5W40 Euro API SP, 2966 miles, 2021 Lincoln Navigator L 3.5 liter Ecoboost 440 horsepower

    Good candidate for an oil with little to no viscosity modifying polymer. I remember reading here that Amsoil makes a 10W-30 that basically has no VM.
  7. john_pifer

    The Evils of Alcohol

    Awesome! I stayed out there a year longer than you. Nov. 22, 2003 for me.
  8. john_pifer

    What exactly is a "Living wage"?

    This is spot-on. I see exactly the situation you describe, frequently, here in north Nashville, TN. We buy our groceries at Walmart, and we see a lot of recent Latin American immigrants who are obviously living in the manner you describe. They’re working construction, or landscaping, or as...
  9. john_pifer

    Sources for Objective Information on Home Mortgages

    We’re not veterans, no.
  10. john_pifer

    Sources for Objective Information on Home Mortgages

    My wife and I are just starting the process of looking into getting our first house (great timing, yeah, I know) and, while I’ve bought several cars, home buying seems like a totally different ballgame, and, admittedly, I’m pretty ignorant on the subject. Obviously, we’re going to need to...
  11. john_pifer

    Washing Cars in Hot Weather

    That’s why it’s good to rinse without the nozzle attached to the hose (high flow, low pressure). With a good coat of wax or sealant, the car almost dries itself.
  12. john_pifer

    12ga semiauto shotgun?

    OP: It sounds like you’re not necessarily looking for something tactical, but maybe something with wood and blue steel. What about a Browning A5?
  13. john_pifer

    12ga semiauto shotgun?

    I like how you think.
  14. john_pifer

    Subscription based options? I didn't see this coming.

    If you think this is crazy, wait until you find out that there are people who pay tens of thousands to subscribe to a car!
  15. john_pifer

    Subscription based options? I didn't see this coming.

    “There’s a sucker born every day” - PT Barnum
  16. john_pifer

    Detroit - Intrepid beauty turned to dust

    My wife is from Warsaw, IN, about 3.5 hrs from Detroit. When we were dating, a few years ago, we decided to drive up to Detroit and spend the day there. We did a little exploring, walked around, had coffee at a really cool fully-automated coffee Roasting/brewing place called the Roasting Plant...
  17. john_pifer

    When will people learn engine config means nothing on output?

    Wasn’t it a 3.2? And, at what RPM was it making that horsepower? What RPM does that modern 3.6L V6 make its max power?
  18. john_pifer

    Nissan May Kill Off Titan Fullsize Pickup Truck. -Motor Trend

    The real problem with the Titan HD was that it promised significantly better economy than a 3/4 or 1-ton diesel from the Big 3, while hauling almost as much. It didn’t hit that target. And the unreliability of the Cummins 5.0 was the nail in the coffin. I still like the 5.6 Titan. Those are...
  19. john_pifer

    Built For Speed: Looking Back At The Convair 880

    The different methods used by different aircraft OEMs to develop aircraft with similar cargo/speed/range requirements has always been interesting to me. Surely this wasn’t much faster than its contemporary, the 707? Wiki lists 707 cruise speed at 896-1000 kph (621 mph).