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    Delvac Tractor Fluid $59.99 at TSC.

    TSC has Mobile Delvac Tractor Fluid @ $59.99 for a 5 gal pail. With the current Delvac rebates going, this is a great price on tractor fluid. My Kubota needed a service and found other prices to be between $80 to $110. (Rotella and Valvoline) Just a heads up for people needing a Hydrostat...
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    Schaeffer's Simplex Supreme in Kubota

    I have a Kubota 2620 with a front end loader. I'm due for my 250 hour THF change. Has anyone used the Schaeffer's Simplex Supreme oil in their tractors, and what were the results? I have considered the dealer sourced Kubota Super UDT2 and the Schaeffers. I'm just looking for a little feedback on...
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    Is new BMW Longlife 17 FE Castrol Edge EP 0w20?

    Given the fact that Castrol is now the supplier to BMW, is it safe to assume that Castrol Edge EP 0w20 is the new Longlife 17 FE? After all it meets MB 229.71 specs. Anyone with insight about this? I don't have a sample of the new Castrol to send to Blackstone for comparison unfortunately, my...