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  1. schwinney

    Next New Oil You Will Try ?

    You're on my level. I can bring almost as much of this as I can fit.. not oil.. Next new oil I will try? I'm thinking some kind of Supertech. I want to stock (back) up on my HPL oils, because obviously superior, in every imaginable way and is an outstanding, outstanding company. I do hope...
  2. schwinney

    High Performance Lubricants Open House Aug 6,7

    I'm doing my best to make it. I intend to. We are indeed one month out.. 4 weeks Friday for the next morning. Free antifreeze, just gotta let me know. I can bring a lot.
  3. schwinney

    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    Wonderful Korean War Veteran allowed me to take pictures (yes, I asked!) of what may be the most wonderful ring I've ever seen. Great fellow.
  4. schwinney

    What is "Plan B" if I can't get Amsoil Z-Rod for My 1990 Corvette ZR-1.

    I don't endorse anything to do with the joke of stuff known as Project Farm and also don't look at those videos. I've always thought, perhaps even read about which is why I would make that statement at all, .. a "thin" 30 with more superior base stock oils, if going by HTHS ratings, would have...
  5. schwinney

    What is "Plan B" if I can't get Amsoil Z-Rod for My 1990 Corvette ZR-1.

    Excellent post, OVERKILL. Let me just quickly state that I should have done a better job of pointing out, but didn't.. so I went back and quoted, for where I was drawing inference from.. Italicizing and asterisking the parts I meant to pair together: (It was one line up. Again, error on my...
  6. schwinney

    I plan to drive to Maine in a few days

    tig1, IF you can make it to Rt 80... Take that all the way across PA and it will put you to where you can take 287 North (in NJ) to Thruway South to Tappan Zee.. to be coming up through Connecticut, 95 North. If that can work for you. To save some tolls.... I crossed that out because I did see...
  7. schwinney

    What bird is this from ?

    My first thought was a Yellow Oriole. The black on your feather may be more distinctive.
  8. schwinney

    What is "Plan B" if I can't get Amsoil Z-Rod for My 1990 Corvette ZR-1.

    Hey, thanks, no problem, and I thank you. I had an interaction with a YouTuber that infuriated me, pretty much on the basis of incorrect oil information. The rest is history. I've dedicated my life to the truth. So let's continue with what you're learning, before I have to break away for a bit...
  9. schwinney

    What is "Plan B" if I can't get Amsoil Z-Rod for My 1990 Corvette ZR-1.

    Not so much a "value of zero," it is a 30 or 40 grade oil no matter what. The W number or Winter number is supposed to be the rating of "Resistance To Flow." People like to say (and they are wrong) that oil would "Start out as a zero and warm up to a 40." Again, that is not correct but I've...
  10. schwinney

    Replenishing an Additive Package

    I was actually thinking of adding a bottle of CERATEC before my next long journey. My current fill is presently about 50-75% HPL product; filter changes and Fumoto valve partial drainings to see how it looked at the bottom, is why not 100%. Part of me wonders if I should even bother, the HPL...
  11. schwinney

    What are you doing right now?

    Listening to fireworks.
  12. schwinney

    I saw the movie Top Gun Maverick today. My review

    It's not the plane.. it's the pilot. *hard bank left*
  13. schwinney

    BAD movies.

  14. schwinney

    How hard to turn should a new water pump be?

    I think you're overthinking that part. It should turn freely, unless there is something I dont know. Same for alternator, as far as I know... I think you're asking what is the tightest it should be in resisting turning, and be okay.