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    Where is my brake fluid going?

    Agree with gfh post brake booster will hold fluid thus not showing the fluid leaking, as for the pads wearing true but you have plenty of fluid in the reservoir to allow for a NEW set of pads to be worn completely to the rivits and still have BF to spare also when you say the front and rear the...
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    Need Boat Trailer Bearing Grease

    Schaeffer 274 , waterproof and good for wheel bearing all info and MSDS can be found on there website also contains5% moly can't go wrong there. Hope you find this helpful
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    High % Moly grease tubes.

    Schaeffer274 grease is all I use on a fleet of forestry vehicles intervals of 3 mo. The grease does not bleed from the gun and is good for high speed bearings buy far Schaeffer grease is the best I have found for moly content and being sticky not pounding nor bleeding all over tool box and...
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    installing fuel filter

    Thanks post makes several valid points I believe I will let this one go
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    installing fuel filter

    I have a 2006 chevy 2500 HD. The fuel filter is in the tank and cannot be serviced has anyone found an aftermarket filter kit being screw on type or heard of anyone installing one inline would like to do this but not sure best way to go about it
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    4.6 coolant leaking.

    Deffinately look at the crossover located under the intake I have seen several of these leak and the coolant fills up the valley and drips out the back corners the thermostat housing is another place to check but would be more obvious the recall is 7 years or 100k I believe hope you find this...