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  1. LazyDog

    1999 Tacoma Fuel Pump Choices

    My uncle has a 99 Tacoma and needs a fuel pump badly. The 2 choices that I like from Rock auto are the Bosch 69497 ~ 65 and Delphi FE0119 ~105. I am more concern about the quality and not the price since it is going to Mexico next week. What choice would you make or what else to consider...
  2. LazyDog

    Understanding and Diagnosing Ford Smart Charging System

    If you like me and want to understand how things work. Here is a great video of Ford's smart charging system and its principles can be apply to the smart systems.
  3. LazyDog

    Working on cars, please be careful

    Last night, I got some devastating news from a real good friend. He was working at home on a car and got into accident, it kill him. I am really hearth broken since he was a special friend. I consider him like a son and now I like to find a way to help the family: 3 kids all under 10. The only...
  4. LazyDog

    Honda 2 items can they be related???

    The vehicle in question is a 2004 Honda CRV w/ close to 190K. Original Alternator and Starter. I been chasing an engine Po134 for quite some time and finally got a scanner that allows me to see what the computer is doing at the point where it triggers it: The computer turns off the ground side...
  5. LazyDog

    Is this a starting or run capacitor

    I just saw a picture of a Volvo OEM cooling fan that Volvo added some kind of capacitor. It is either start or run capacitor, how do you size them?? Bottom of the picture, looks like a hot dog.
  6. LazyDog

    Honda CRV Battery Grounds/ Points

    I finally decided to removed the air box and look at the grounding points for the 2 skinny wires that Honda likes to use. The skinny bolt attaches to cross brace in order to make better contact but not sure. The whole thing is rusty and crusty green at the wires. This ground is at the trans...
  7. LazyDog

    Honda's Greece on Fuse Box Connectors???

    Last time, I replace the electrical load detector which had to be unplug from the bottom of the fuse box I notice some kind of dielectric grease. The color was not clear but like a very light green or yellow tint color. Any one knows what Honda uses???
  8. LazyDog

    2004 CRV-Electrical Diagram Help, Part 2

    Back in 2020, I posted my first attempt at fixing a code P0134, no activity detected in sensor 1, bank. The link is below The code was a soft code or intermittent and after I replace the Electrical Load...
  9. LazyDog

    Rock Auto Order Problem

    I order the Raybestos E-coated front and back for the CRV. Today, I started the work and to my surprise I got REMY E-coated disks. The order clearly states Raybestos and on the packing receipt. Any problems with just installing these items, they look similar to Raybestos. I just never heard of...
  10. LazyDog

    Free website w/ great articles

    If you are like me and like to learn from the experienced of others check this website. Free just register!
  11. LazyDog

    2004 CRV Drive Shaft Choices

    The drive shaft on the CRV rusted out at the u-joints and needs to be replace. Here is what is available in Rack Auto,
  12. LazyDog

    A/F Air Fuel Ratio Sensors Brand Options

    Few years back, I install a brand new Denso A/F sensor and starting to hear stories about not working properly or not lasting too long months. The options that I come across in Rack Auto are, 1. Denso 30 days warranty: price 135 2. NGK/ NTK 60 days warranty: price 210 3. Bosch 12...
  13. LazyDog

    Air Fuel Ratio Sensor to Monitor Engine???

    I have an almost brand new Denso wide band A/F sensor that I like to attach to a pod gauge in order to monitor the amount of fuel in the engine. I am looking for ideas of how best to make it and which pod gauge to buy??? All other ideas are welcome, Thanks
  14. LazyDog

    Bolt D29 Lithium Ion Jump Starter, how to properly used it???

    I am posting this question after trying to jump start my son's CRV, he left a dome light on for 4 days. It fail miserably either by operator error on my part or the battery was just too low of charge. I did hook it up normally w/ the clamps on the battery posts and press the override button few...
  15. LazyDog

    VW Factory video

    Nice video
  16. LazyDog

    Honda CRV Needs struts

    Well after 178k and almost 18 years on the original struts, the driver side strut mount bearing is starting to make some noise. In Rack Auto, I can get KYB and Monroe as a complete strut mount kit, no need to disassemble the strut. I never purchase or install these brands on my cars. The other...
  17. LazyDog

    Engine Rebuild Specs where to find?

    If you where trying to tear apart and engine, where would you able to find all the specifications that are needed? Stuff like piston dimensions, rings gap, stuff like that!
  18. LazyDog

    Relay w/ recess pins how to test

    I took advantage of Trav recent post and bought the relay tester. I was collection a few spare relays that want to test when I notice that in some relays the pins are recess like in the picture. Is it good enough to make some pig tails to connect the relay and tester???
  19. LazyDog

    Desk Top Computer Problem

    This whole thing just started this week, when turning on the computer in the morning I get the message that is on the picture. I have a feeling that my hard drive might be falling, I bought the desk top refurbish back in 2014-2015 time period. If the problem is related to a falling hard drive...
  20. LazyDog

    Raybestos Rotors or Something Different?

    Let me first begin by saying that I do like the Raybestos coated rotors. The picture shows how they look on the CRV at 3 years here in the mid west with salt and mother nature. The car gets park on the street and I'll need to redo the brakes on the next oil change. I seen this all black rotors...