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  1. tiger862

    So frustrated right now. Car troubles.

    You have to relax motor by loosing all mounts. If you had transmission repair I would not be surprised if they rested the weight on mounts. I have even moved engine with mounts loose to get rid of vibration at idle.
  2. tiger862

    2010 Lexus RX 350 --- locked out today

    When I carry my dogs with me I carry my spare key as doors will be locked with dogs in front seats. Been locked out once I learned.
  3. tiger862

    2014 jk 3.6 long crank.

    TIPM is probably getting moisture or has corrosion. I know they had a problem with fuel pump so there is a add on relay to convert relay from TIPM to external. Some say dealers will fix for free but that was couple of years ago. Dealers had everything. Here's the story...
  4. tiger862

    New mower 2.5 acres

    I hope this ordeal is over with. After 400 in it I had to replace the governor rod and spring to get rid of surging. Ordered from John Deere and I had to order spring and rod separate anyway the spring is on rod. I went to put spring on rod and I noticed it was dragging as rod seemed larger in...
  5. tiger862

    Post your latest oil change

    You are correct. I missed it was a blend of several oils.
  6. tiger862

    Post your latest oil change

    Either 2qts low or you overfilled by 2qts.
  7. tiger862

    Chevy LV3 4.3L

    You need to understand bulletin. Stated as fact was caused from installation error not 0w20 Only mentioned 0w20 Dexos oil for fill-up and 11qts.
  8. tiger862

    yearly oil changes. good or bad idea?

    I don't have a Ranger but in my Caravan I drive similar and do 200 hour oil changes or once a year.
  9. tiger862

    Can thicker oil prevent rocker arm failures in Pentastar 3.6 V6?

    2 grades up and hotter temps doesn't surprise me. Every grade up you run the risk of higher oil temps and higher friction. Oil pressure can go up as well due to the clearance. Your oil pressures are also directly related to oil filter used. It is not so simple as one grade is perfect so it is...
  10. tiger862

    Can thicker oil prevent rocker arm failures in Pentastar 3.6 V6?

    Oil pressure you stated is normal. I have seen lots of engines with 10 psi at idle from new. Heck one of them was my own 84 F100 300 six which you couldn't kill. I worry more about efficiency than oil pressure.
  11. tiger862

    Can thicker oil prevent rocker arm failures in Pentastar 3.6 V6?

    I have run 0w20 through 5w30 in my 3.6. 5w30 was sluggish but it could be me. 0w20 is the smoothest of them all. Seems liked vvt works better. I live in Louisiana so we get a variety of weather. No oil usage in 200 hours.
  12. tiger862

    Kia 600k

    Thank God for extended warranty Didn't see other post on same subject Delete
  13. tiger862

    0w20 vs 0w30 in my Dodge Challenger V-6?

    Like I said I use 0w20 in Louisiana for my Caravan. Oil pressure is perfect and flow is better at startup. I have had it to 6500 rpm on more than one occasion as well as idling and the dreaded Eco mode on while below 45 mph which is 90% of my driving. Change Oil at 200 hours without worrying as...
  14. tiger862

    Air conditioning not cooling. Is it the evaporator leaking since nothing else appears to be?

    On the LeSabre the most common thing that leaks is compressor clutch seal. Very hard to find unless you can look at compressor for oil in the front. It will get worse but I would top off every 2 years and not worry until it gets worse. Wait until you have to fill every 6 month.
  15. tiger862

    New mower 2.5 acres

    Got it together. So much wrong information out there. It is running perfectly after a fight. Found exhaust lobe not intake damaged as well a stuck intake lifter. The only thing that makes since is lifters were incorrect causing them to jam. Compression release works now even hot with correct...
  16. tiger862

    0w20 vs 5w20 Pennzoil in my Dodge Challenger V6

    I run 0w20 in my Pentastar which recommends 5w20. I ran 30 grade as well and according to the manual you can run 30 grade when 20 grade can't be found. When manual was written 0w20 was Synthetic and 5w20 was conventional which Dodge claims 8k on conventional.
  17. tiger862

    Which oil for new Kawasaki engine FR730V on a Cub Cadet Lawnmower

    If you already have 5w30 use that if not I would swap all equipment over to 0w30 year round. 0 winter will flow better at start up if temperatures drop and 30 grade is acceptable according to manual.
  18. tiger862

    New mower 2.5 acres

    I cut a couple hours today about half way over but my body won't allow me to do more.