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    ATF stored in garage for ~2 years. Still good?

    Hello, I have 4 new quarts of Amsoil ATF (red cap) in my garage that has been there for about 18 months. I want to buy 5 more ATF quarts for a transmission flush. Are there any issues for using an oil that has been sitting for this long? Is there any issues with mixing with older ATF? -FC
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    re: oil change time interval in months

    my car is a mazda 3, the manual says every 8kms or 4 months (schedule 2 for canada) my use, i would say about 12000kms/7.5k miles per year. city/highway driving 90%/10%. commute 2 times a week, short distance. mostly short trips, high enough for the oil to get to normal temperature most of...
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    re: oil change time interval in months

    Since the 5000kms/3000mile rule for an oil change interval has seemed to have been debunked, I was wondering about the other rule that mechanics say, to bring in your car either 3 or 4 months. The issue for low mileage drivers, is that after 4 months, maybe i only put 3000 or 4000kms, which...