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  1. jeepman3071

    Going rate for servicing ATVs?

    I work a full-time job in IT, but run a small engine business on the side. Lately I've been getting more ATVs from friends/family to work on, as local dealers have either closed or have a 4+ month wait for even simple services. A dealer told one of my customers that they are only working on...
  2. jeepman3071

    What coolant for 2012 Grand Cherokee 5.7L

    My dad's 2012 Grand Cherokee 5.7L has a massive leak in the radiator, so it's getting replaced. The coolant recommendation from the different Jeep sites is Mopar 68048953AB, which is HOAT coolant. Is there an aftermarket alternative that would work, such as Zerex G-05? I can get the Mopar...
  3. jeepman3071

    2009 BMW 328i - Liqui-Moly Molygen 5w40 - 6,000 miles

    2009 BMW 328i, ran Liqui-Moly MolyGen 5w40 for 6,000 miles. Mix of highway/mountain driving.
  4. jeepman3071

    MANN HU816X - 6,000 miles

    MANN HU816X from my 2009 BMW 328i with N51 3.0L I-6. Car has 64,000 miles, filter was in use for 6,000 miles.
  5. jeepman3071

    Added coolant filter to Jeep 4.0L TJ

    So I bought my 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ with the 4.0L engine used with 156k miles. The frame and body were spotless, but the cooling system had been neglected. After a few Prestone flushes which I did over a period of a week for my commute to work (1 hour one way, 90 miles total), the system was...
  6. jeepman3071

    Stens 120-523 cut open

    This came off of a customer's Toro Timecutter zero-turn with the 24hp Kohler Courage V-Twin. It was in use for at least 2-3 years. These filters list on Amazon for close to $10, and are likely more at local small engine dealers. They are the aftermarket replacement for Kohler, John Deere...
  7. jeepman3071

    STP S4967 cut open

    This filter was in use for 1 year on an Exmark Zero-Turn mower with the 708cc Chonda V-Twin, the interval was about 40 hours of use. Looks pretty decent for a $4.99 filter from Autozone. This is a from a customer's mower, who usually provides his own ExMark/Toro filters, but the last change it...
  8. jeepman3071

    Fram PH3593A cut open - 6,000 miles

    Cut open this Fram PH3593A, it was in use for 6,000 miles with Pennzoil HM 5w30 in my buddy's 2000 Honda Civic 1.6L with 165k miles. ADBV looked perfect, and everything seemed to be held together pretty well. Not bad for under $4. <img src=""...
  9. jeepman3071

    Under valve cover pics - 2004 BMW 330xi

    Had to replace the valve cover gasket due to a leak on my neighbor's 2004 BMW 330xi with the 3.0L M54 straight 6. This car has 76k miles on it, and has been doing the recommended 15k mile oil changes before I took over last year doing 6k changes with Castrol 0w40. I also replaced the valve...
  10. jeepman3071

    2000 Honda Civic 1.6L under valve cover pics

    2000 Honda Civic 1.6L with 160k miles. A friend just picked it up and I replaced the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, coolant, and valve cover gasket on it. Here is a pic from under the valve cover. Judging by the service stickers on the windshield and the numerous oil change receipts in...
  11. jeepman3071

    Wix 57356 - 9,000 miles

    Wix 57356 - ran for 9,000 miles with Napa Synthetic 5w20 in a 2011 Honda Fit 1.5L. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image from]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> <img...
  12. jeepman3071

    Castrol 0w40 - 2009 BMW 328i - 6100 miles

    2009 BMW 328i with 46,000 miles on the N51 3.0L engine. Oil was Castrol Edge 0w40 with a MANN HU816X filter run for 6100 miles. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
  13. jeepman3071

    Yamaha marine fuel filter cut open

    Came off a Keywest Sportsman 1720 boat with a 90hp Yamaha 2 stroke engine. This inline fuel filter was installed in June of 2016 according to the date, not sure how many hours. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
  14. jeepman3071

    Quicksilver Mercury Outboard filter cut open

    Quicksilver 35-822626Q03 off a Mercury 20hp 4-stroke outboard engine. It is unknown how long the filter has been on the engine, it did have some rust on the outside and the paint was flaking off, so probably a while. ADBV was still pliable, the media seems decent although there were globs of...
  15. jeepman3071

    MANN HU 719/6 X - 11,000 miles

    Here is the MANN HU 719/6X cartridge filter from my sister's 2013 2.5L Jetta. The filter was in use for 11,000 miles, a little longer than I would have liked (she goes over on oil changes constantly) but it held up okay. <img src="" alt="[Linked...
  16. jeepman3071

    New life into a garden tractor

    Husqvarna GTH2648 garden tractor. Had a 26 HP Briggs V-Twin that the oil got too low (customer never checked it) and it broke a connecting rod. The old engine had a 1-1/8" shaft which had fewer replacement options, but the customer decided to go with this 27 hp Briggs Commercial Power V-Twin...
  17. jeepman3071

    The land of entitlement

    A few nights ago I was rear-ended. There was minimal damage to my Jeep. The bumper was scuffed, trailer hitch scuffed, and a plastic end cap popped off. Besides that there was no damage at all. The person who rear-ended me had a 2017 Corolla, and the hood buckled and bumper crunched a bit...
  18. jeepman3071

    Caliper problem?

    This is for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee - 174k miles. My brakes were grinding a bit, so last night I replaced the pads and rotors. I noticed the caliper pistons were a bit tougher to push in with the C-clamp than I remembered, but didn't think much of it. The passenger side seemed the toughest. I...
  19. jeepman3071

    2007-2008 F150 5.4 sounds like a diesel

    I was helping a friend move this past weekend and his truck literally sounded like a diesel. He thinks it is a 2007 or 2008, it is a Ford F150 with the 5.4 V8. It has around 112k miles. He has not had it very long. It had a very distinct diesel sound, almost exactly like a newer 6.7L...
  20. jeepman3071

    How often have you been towed, and why?

    You might be a BITOG nerd if you see a car on a tow truck, and run through all the possibilities of why that particular make and model might be getting towed. <img src="/forums/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="grin" title="grin" height="15" width="15" /> Cars aren't always towed for mechanical...