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    Our monthly floor Jack thread

    ^^^ Just got a Big Red 4 Ton with dual pistons - it’s a very heavy jack - but the wheels will stay on concrete … Really like it so far …
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    Not a random photo thread

    On my 5th one now …
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    80w-90 vs 85w-140

    I wasted good synthetic not accepting that my new Jeep would take 10k to stop shedding metal. Then - used 85W140 to get there. Now have 80W90 in - and will not use synthetic until 20K or more … CarbonSteel has posted the same wrt his Rubicon
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    Giant rims and maintenance considerations

    Let not your heart be troubled - at the Pawn Shop by now 😷
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    Coffee Intolerance

    alkanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamides ?
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    Fuel taxes and Roads Funding: Michigan is a Mess

    Exactly - parallel groves and no perpendicular “thumper seams” 👍🏼
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    The quality of mechanics that work on your vehicles and the quality of their work is a crapshoot now days.

    I’m sure some say that about a BG transmission flush - but the only person I know getting 400k from a 4L60e did them every 50K … Not what I do - but works for some … I think their fuel system treatment makes sense - but not after 150k miles of baked on CBU - and then complain when it was really...
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    Fuel taxes and Roads Funding: Michigan is a Mess

    My Dermatologist moved from there. Said I apologize for our endless road construction … He said no worry - back home we have two seasons: Winter and Construction Season …
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    This should quiet all the doubters

    That’s why in it’s prime folks used it to dry out a distributor !
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    Your experiences, is "pull me over red" a real thing?

    Red on red can be an issue 😷
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    Fuel taxes and Roads Funding: Michigan is a Mess

    Roads have to be built better to survive these days - I see our county try to patch or do a really thin pavement topper - trucks, farm equipment, and traffic tear it up quickly … Conversely, the freeway project builds up and packs layers ahead of 4” of asphalt pavement - sets perfect rebar on...
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    Costco's Kirkland Signature Oil Availability

    Got 3 jugs QSFS as well - better oil too …
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    Valvoline Daily Protection 5W-20 $10

    Yeah, and then brags to customers …
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    Valvoline Daily Protection 5W-20 $10

    Maybe if I saw this yesterday - but between the manager and his cousins it will be gone … He has the nerve to tell customers that he scoops it up at clearance + employee discount …
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    U.S. requires GM to fix headlight glare on 725,000 SUVs

    Well, I was outside when they pulled up in the 2017 Terrain SLE today … told them about the issue and asked her to turn on the headlights … If they were a meal ? Fish sticks …🙄
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    State Farm sues Tesla for fire damaged home

    It was the 60’s but they tried to make them from hemp - and none was available until the 70’s 🧔🏻‍♀️
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    How often do you see Waymo vehicles?

    Lots of cars in Houston are … 😳
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    How often do you see Waymo vehicles?

    I see Waymo than B’fo
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    They overdosed a huge batch and it would not come out of the tanks 😷
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    Top Ten States for Expensive Gas

    Where do they keep that pendulum that I always hear about ?