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  1. jeepman3071

    Ethanol vs fuel lines

    Buy quality fuel line, or use Tygon line. The cheap stuff will fall apart quite quickly no matter what fuel is used.
  2. jeepman3071

    Bucket list mowers

    There is a good chance the self propel belt is loose/broken or there is a shifting cable out of adjustment.
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    2003 John Deere L110 - Kohler Command 17.5hp - only 155 hours looks brand new Out: black watery goo, Deere filter In: Valvoline PB 15w40, Fram PH3614
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    Insurance totaled car over catalytic converter theft

    One of my sisters has a 2003 Acura 3.2TL. Even though it is an older car, it is in fantastic shape since it was in Florida for most of its life before she got it. Her cat convertor was stolen about a month ago. She called me wondering why her car sounded "like a motorcycle". I priced out...
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    Did I spot a prototype BMW?

    I don't get it either. Why not make it look like a normal car instead of an ugly space ship?
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    F150 honest review

    Yup. I've driven/used all the brands. I'm not partial to one brand, but there are definitely models from each I won't buy. Ex: F150 5.4L V8.
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    Toro riding mower with Courage engine, bad buy?

    Those are just Chinese engines with an MTD sticker. OP I would avoid that mower. They are an MTD rebranded with the Toro name, even though Toro is it's own company, they had a few years where MTD made lawn tractors for them. The Kohler Courage is also an engine I would stay away from.
  8. jeepman3071

    Craftsman 32cc 4 cycle leaf blower issues.

    I'd try rebuilding and cleaning the original carb. The diaphragm kit should be under $50. A lot of the aftermarket carbs don't have the right jets and the machine won't run right. If that doesn't fix it, probably isn't worth messing with.
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    Bucket list mowers

    For vintage machines: Gravely model L with the 72" gang reel mowers. I owned a few Gravely L tractors (1948, 1971) they are a neat design. All gear drive, full pressure lubrication with an oil filter, and basically a motorcycle style cylinder jug with a belt driven fan. Really durable...
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    Just Found This Youtube Channel - Just Rolled In - OMG

    One of my good friends worked as a manager of a quick lube and he would always tell me how surprising it was the number of cars that came through daily where they opened the drain plug and only a few drops came out. I do small engine/ATV repair on the side and it's crazy how many customers...
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    Bucket list mowers

    My grandfather has 20 acres, he probably mows about 8-10 of it. He is 81, and it has been getting tougher for him to maintain the property, so I've been helping out a lot more. He currently uses a Scag STHM 3 wheel mower with a 61" deck. It is fun to zip around the property with, but the 3...
  12. jeepman3071

    1989-91 Toro 2 stroke lawnmower

    OP is in Canada so that might be why. There is a video floating around somewhere on Youtube of a guy who put one of those Suzukis from an older Toro onto a newer Super Recycler with Personal Pace. A pretty neat combination.
  13. jeepman3071

    Post your latest small engine oil change

    Just used it today after work actually. Runs great, sips fuel. It's an older machine with no hour meter, so no idea how many hours on it, but it always starts 1st or 2nd pull.
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    Battery powered lawnmower

    The Toro Recycler electric is a pretty nice mower. Basically identical to the gas version with the same self-propel, but electric. If I was to buy one that is what I would get. Another thing to keep in mind is the possibility of expanding your electric tools, and Toro has a pretty large line...
  15. jeepman3071

    Insurance companies cracking down on modified cars

    Well that's the thing, losing a few customers is a drop in the bucket to them, and you can bet they won't spend time and resources to send someone out to make sure modifications were done correctly on a car they could potentially insure. They aren't in that business. Their job is to best...
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    Nanny Auto Devices

    It absolutely is distracted driving. Distracted driving is at the top, while intoxicated (alcohol or other substances) driving is still surprisingly close behind. The sad part is the car nannies don't help as much as some would believe. I've watched people hit stuff while I can hear the...
  17. jeepman3071

    Best shut off practice?

    If you use them every week or so, it's not really an issue. I'll usually close the fuel valve on stuff I'm not sure when I'll use again, and on older equipment so a faulty fuel needle valve won't allow fuel to fill the crankcase. On stuff that will be stored for more than a few weeks I turn...
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    anyone started trying to save gas?

    One thing I noticed has nothing to do with cars, but rather small engines. I have a Deere garden tractor, V-Twin Kohler and 54" deck. I has a 2 gallon tank, and usually takes between 1.5 and 1.75 gallons to mow the yard. I also have an Exmark 48" walk behind zero turn with a 14hp single...
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    Nanny Auto Devices

    I haven't. I'm a millennial who works in the tech field, so comfortable with technology. I understand this stuff has its place, nobody can deny that. My two issues with it are as follows: 1. Many drivers default to using the technology as a replacement for driving instead of as an aid for...
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    Where to bring BMW for transmission service?

    Mine got stuck, but was easy to carefully pry out with a flat screwdriver with a rag over the end of it. You are better off replacing it, but could probably re-use it if it doesn't look damaged in any way. Don't use a copper washer, these drain/fill plugs come with a molded in rubber o-ring...