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  1. Sam_Julier

    Gearwrench Combination Wrench Set, 6mm-19mm, no skips, with pouch, barely used, $49 shipped

    Gearwrench Combination Wench Set, 6mm-19mm, no skips, in pouch. 6 pt closed end. Barely used, some not at all. $49 shipped
  2. Sam_Julier

    CTA Euro Car Socket and Ratchet Set, $72

    This may be of interest to the Euro car owners:
  3. Sam_Julier

    Mobil 1 TDT 5W40, 6,720 miles, 93 Volvo 240 wagon

    I’m pleased with this report. The 240 wagon was heavily loaded with rocket box, awning, two mountain bikes, camping and bike gear for two. Six passes over 10,000’ feet and one over 11,000’ the Monarch Pass, just west of Salida CO. I had my foot into her every day due to winds, climbing, high...
  4. Sam_Julier

    MB 5W40 229.5 Supplier?

    Does anyone know who supplies the MB 5W40 229.5 engine oil? Thanks! Sam
  5. Sam_Julier

    Chevron Delo 400 XSP 5W40, 5,300 miles, 1993 Volvo 240 B230F engine

    I’m really pleased with this report. This is the second 5,000 mile run with this oil. Makeup oil was 1/3 quart in a sump that holds 4 quarts. Mann W917 filter. Dimple magnetic drain plug. I‘ve been running dual spec oils in both 240s for quite a while. As you can see the cam shaft and area...
  6. Sam_Julier

    Effect of ATF Friction Modifiers in a Power Steering System?

    My Volvo 240s have a GM Saginaw Type II pump and a TRW/CAM rack. The fluid spec varies, Type F in some manuals, ATF (no spec) in others. I’ve been filling with DEX VI, Mercon V full syn, or M1 ATF with no issues. And no pump squealing during below 0 degree start ups. When the folks on the...
  7. Sam_Julier

    Dana 30 rebuild, first lube change, high metal?

    My 240 wagon has a Dana 30 differential. It was rebuilt 1,300 miles ago with 157,000 miles on the unit. The unit received a Yukon Gear Bearing & Seal Overall Kit, GRW131R Wheel Bearing/Keeper, Inner and Outer Grease Seals, plus 85W-140 GL-5 Phillips 66 dino gear oil. The pinion and ring gear...
  8. Sam_Julier

    Dana 30 axle 85W140

    I just had the differential rebuilt in our 1993 240 wagon. It's a Dana 30 axle. The shop filled it with 85W-140 GL-5 gear oil and recommends I continue to use it year around, even in New England winters. The diff is noticeably quieter. I've always used 80W-90 GL-5 (meeting the SAE J2360 spec)...
  9. Sam_Julier

    Tire age and when to replace?

    I have a set on Michelin Harmony 185/70R14 on the 240 sedan. Mfg 24/06, 30/07, 24/08, 24/08. Installed May 2009. 45,000 miles since installation. 8/32" tread depth. Always garaged. No dry rot, no cracks, no obvious issues. They run and handle perfectly. And they're super quiet. My...
  10. Sam_Julier

    Brake Juttering Issue, 93 Volvo 245 Wagon

    In the front I had I nstalled new WBR calipers (premium), Brembo rotors, Textar pads and bleed the system. Severe juttering within 300 miles. Brembo rotors had warped. Car lightly loaded. Rotors were changed to Volvo OE. Same calipers and pads. Juttering but not as severe. Rotors not warped...
  11. Sam_Julier

    Natural Gas GE/Briggs&Stratton Generator No Start

    I have an 8kw GE backup generator. Engine is a Briggs&Stratton Model 310000, 500cc, single cylinder. I don't know if the engine is Intek or Vanguard model. The engine has 30.5 hours total time. Engine would not start at 5 degrees and shut off the exercise cycle. Attempts to start in Manual...
  12. Sam_Julier

    2005 Highlander 3.3 MKZ-FE Oil Specification

    We just inherited an 05 Highlander Limited with the 3.3 MKZ-FE V6 engine. This is our first Toyota. The owner's manual states that if 10W30 is used it should replaced with 5W30 at the next oil change. The oil spec in 2005 was 5W30 API SL, for all temperatures. I'm scratching my head on this...
  13. Sam_Julier

    Denso 150-2061 Cut Open

    Denso 150-2061, 5k OCI, Volvo 240 B230F engine. 461 grams new. 60 media pleats. <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[492575a0b1084a39c6]" href="" title=""><img...
  14. Sam_Julier

    M1 Full Syn MV ATF, 20,200 miles, AW70 Volvo 240

    ATF: M1 Full Syn MV ATF Time in service: 20,200 miles Unit: Aisin Warner AW70 Vehicle: 1993 Volvo 240 B230F Inline filter: Donaldson P550008, 40 micron Sample taken for UOA only. Fluid and filter have not been changed. Analysis done by JG Lubricant Services Filter changed at 10,000 miles, 1 qt...
  15. Sam_Julier

    M1 HM 10W30, 5,100 miles, Volvo 240 B230F

    First UOA on my 1993 Volvo 240 with the B230F engine. JG Lubricants says sodium at "high range of normal, continue to monitor". Not sure what to make of this as there is no coolant loss. Clearly the oil could have stayed in longer. Sample tested by JG Lubricants Sample Date 9.22.15 Make Up...
  16. Sam_Julier

    Mobil 3309 in AW55-50 A/T

    I maintain 4 Volvo's that spec the JWS 3309 AT fluid and perform a cooler line exchange every 20k with Mobil 3309. After each exchange there is noticeable, actually surprising improvement in shift smoothness. These are gently driven cars. I have 2 questions: 1) Why is there such and...
  17. Sam_Julier

    07 Honda CRV Engine Shut Down

    Exited I-91 Friday and engine shut off at stop light. 8 attempts to restart were unsuccessful. All electrical worked with ignition on but engine would not start - just turned over, revved and shut off. After 45 minutes car restarted. Idled for 2 hours waiting for flat bed - no issues. No codes...
  18. Sam_Julier

    Redline 5W30 6800 miles Volvo V70

    Oil: 4.1 qts RL 5W30 + 2 qts RL 0W20 Blackstone comments: You wanted to know about extending your oil run out to 7,500 miles, and yes, we think that would be okay. The TBN was a little better this time around, and while it world be nice to see it reading a little stronger, everything else...
  19. Sam_Julier

    1 Million Miles, Conventional oil, 1987 Volvo 240

    The dealership confirmed conventional oil changes every 5K and that the engine has never been rebuilt. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>