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  1. Duffyjr

    Tomato growers

    I was a little late getting a Lemon Boy in (memorial weekend) but it's already producing flowers and one tomato and it's not quite 2 foot tall, don't remember this happening so soon in the past. Question: should I remove them? I've read if you don't it can slow down the over all growth of the...
  2. Duffyjr

    X eyes

    Every time I come up behind a Jeep Renegade it makes me think of the old cartoons with X's for eyes, meaning dead, drunk or knocked out. I remember seeing this as a kid but Google doesn't bring up anything that old. I'm talking early 60's.
  3. Duffyjr

    Retirement Notice

    Was just wondering when you retired how much notice did you give your employer?
  4. Duffyjr

    Freezing bread

    Does anyone else freeze bread? Since I've been trying to keep my carb intake down I no longer make a breakfast sandwich every morning so buying a loaf of bread goes bad before we can consume it so I started freezing the whole loaf. I'm finding the only way I like bread that's been in the...
  5. Duffyjr

    Wix 51040 louvers update

    Here are some picks of the Wix filter I cut open that I said the louvers were not open. My first questions is "are the louvers suppose to be open on both sides or top and bottom"? Of all the filters I've seen posted you can see the louvers are open when you look at the center tube thru the base...
  6. Duffyjr

    Wix China black ADBV

    Well it finally happened. Been ordering Wix 51040 and 51036 for many moons and always USA made. Received my order from Amazon and noticed the 51040 was wrapped in cellophane, never seen that before, took a closer look and sure enough Made In China. It also has a black ADBV, oh well at least...
  7. Duffyjr

    Condiments - if you could only have one

    I've always been a condiment guy, my wife even ribs me about it so she asked me last night if I could only have one what would it be. Mine would have to be mustard, plain ol' yellow mustard. So if you could only have one condiment what would it be?
  8. Duffyjr

    Keeping up with the times

  9. Duffyjr

    Castrol GTX Full Synthetic 5W-30

    Amazon has this for $21.62 in 5w30 only. Looks like it's going to be selling for $25.24.
  10. Duffyjr

    Ceramic single egg fry pan

    I really wanted to like this little pan but for the life of me can't keep eggs from sticking to the pan no mater how much oil I use. I usually use Avocado oil but wally was out so I'm using Almond oil. Any one else using ceramic fry pans and what are your thoughts...
  11. Duffyjr

    Heavy casualties

  12. Duffyjr

    Sure, Brute deodorant recall

    Thought this was worth posting in case anyone is using Brut or Sure deodorant.
  13. Duffyjr

    Table salt vs kosher salt

    My wife prefers table salt but I like kosher salt. We actually have two shakers, one for each. From what I have read it sounds like it's better to cook with kosher and use table salt after food is cooked but I really don't like table salt, it just tastes odd to me after using kosher for so...
  14. Duffyjr

    Valvoline New Website

    This had to happen within the last few days. One thing I noticed is all the different weights have their own PI sheets. Not sure I like it yet 🤷‍♂️
  15. Duffyjr

    Drinking at work?

    A few years ago when the kid took over the business they started having a "beer cart" Friday once a month. At about 3pm they roll around a beer cart with ice cold beer. At first I thought it was a cool but since then it has gotten way out of hand and has turned into nothing but a drunk fest. The...
  16. Duffyjr

    Cutting board

    What do you use for a cutting board? I have some bamboo boards and one made of pressed wood with formica on one side but my favorite ones are the thin sheets of plastic you get at Wally, you get 4 of them for $10. I like how you can bend them to funnel food into the skillet or bowl. Any way...
  17. Duffyjr

    Newest rescue

    Just like the other two we had full intentions of finding this one a home after a short visit to the vet but just like the other two he will be staying with us.
  18. Duffyjr

    Plumber rate

    Had a plumber come and work on the toilet in the basement, needed new inlet valve which normally I could do but I wanted a shut off valve installed which it never had. He shut water off at main valve (another thing I don't like messing with) put new inlet valve, flapper in tank and shutoff valve...
  19. Duffyjr

    Buddies Golfing

    Wally and his friends had been playing golf at the local course for so many years that their foursome had a standing tee-time every Tuesday. Rain or shine, the 4 older gents trundled out to the course to play the game they loved. They'd reminisce about their glory days on the courses, they'd...
  20. Duffyjr

    Pissy customers

    I've been working in customer service for about 15 years now I have never seen so many people be so pissy about orders. We are having issues just like every one else, can't get paper on time so we haven't been able to ship on time, software issues with HP, press issues, fedex issues but nobody...