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    CQ.UK 3.0 Ceramic did not last. Or did it?

    How does vinegar compare to using an iron remover?
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    Kenda or Atturo

    Both Kenda and Nokian are good brands.
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    2014 Lexus GS350 F Sport Transmission issues

    Great to hear it's fixed. How many miles?
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    Son Flies Last F-15 Out Of Europe That Father Flew In First

    Thank you for sharing OP! Never heard of this before.
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    Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer

    "A" for effort! Would like to know how it holds up.
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    Historic Destroyer Sinking at the Dock.

    Last year the U.S.S Cod submarine in Cleveland was towed to Erie, PA to be dry docked. And have a bunch of rusty exterior areas fixed. Probably to prevent the above from happening.
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    Stabilizing surface rust spots

    See if Trav might be willing to fix these spots along with the back bumper in the other thread. I'm sure it would look great afterwards.
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    Detailed a VW that has not been cleaned in years. Before and after.

    Great results, hard to go wrong with those brands.
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    Car wash brush

    Very nice, never seen one of those before. Will put on my wish list.
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    How to? Clean non/Wet Look Tires?

    All those look nice Atikovi. Much better than the alternative.
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    Motor Trend reports on a Honda Dealership experience.

    Agree but it's probably their 0w20 synblend version.
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    Wife’s new ride finally arrived

    Tell us more, what options, when ordered, etc. Great color!
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    First time using SuperTech

    Should be A-ok and I wouldn't hesitate using it. Even M1 can have a tendency to burn off esp when changing over to it. But hard to pass up M1 when the rebates are going.
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    2023 Toyota GR Corolla

    I wasn't complaining just fyi and thought it was interesting. Esp having some new Corollas in the family.
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    Window regulator motor gear grease

    Does it work better? The after pics look excellent! Nice clean up.
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    Traveling from Michigan to Northern Kentucky - Take off Snows Early?

    Just checked the forecast which looks pretty good, definitely no need for snows.
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    2023 Toyota GR Corolla

    Watched a review last night and as I recall available in three colors: red, white or gray.
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    2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L review

    Maybe see if the dealer will offer $10k trade in value for the Expedition. I would encourage them to go for it if the numbers can somehow work out.
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    TSX Bad Plug Question

    Buy from dealer, Rockauto, or even auto parts store. Not worth saving a few bucks to get fakes. Same thing applies with other auto parts especially wheel bearings.
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    05 Toyota window switch: $295. How to diagnose & repair?

    Maybe ask Carcarenut on YouTube about it.